TR1-FRB (Forbes)

2022.01.26 10:32 AmadeuxMachina TR1-FRB (Forbes)

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2022.01.26 10:32 Sharpshot64plus Opinion on animal rights?

Obviously the last two probably don't apply
View Poll
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2022.01.26 10:32 TM_AerialAce Boosted Regice will inv 10 add 0303 4673 3148

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2022.01.26 10:32 pcgplay ASAP! This is for the better future

I need $120 Billion. I have to buy u/ubisoft and don't let them make NFTs!

Any Idea?
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2022.01.26 10:32 SlightlyOffensiveSwg !NFT GIVEAWAY!

For the launchof our collection "Rise of the Pixel Dicks" on January 31st we give away an exclusive promo NFT of our collection.
To enter:

  1. Follow us on Instagram
  2. Upvote and comment your wallet ID
3 (optional) like a few NFTs on our OpenSea Collection

Giveaway ends 11pm PST Today!
Good Luck everyone!
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2022.01.26 10:32 BradC2298 Help please

So I've been following a platform tutorial which is done by shaun, now at the end of part 3 I think it is, to make the enemy objects turn the other way when colliding with a wall object, he uses hsp = - hsp When I used this my enemy objects hit the wall and then stutter on the spot and flipping between facing one way and the other, and cycling the animation. I don't know what's wrong because everything is the same as his but something must be off. I'm ne to this so apologies if it's something very simple 😂
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2022.01.26 10:32 Dangerous_Fun_4481 HELP I’m unable to connect my wallet on the app to stake my Single-VVS LP

Does anyone have a solution or an invitation link to their discord so I can ask?
Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.26 10:32 ReddyBlueBoi jesus in runescape?

jesus in runescape? So, I just had a thought. While I was walking through the Lumbridge graveyard, by the church, I noticed something... Odd.
Do you see it?
The headstones! Some of them are crosses. Crosses being used as headstones has really only been done because of Christianity, which begs the question... Does Jesus exist in RuneScape lore?? Is the cross another symbol of Saradomin that I just don't know of? Am I thinking about this, too much??? Any answers appreciated.
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2022.01.26 10:32 rorororororof What video game do you recommend playing?

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2022.01.26 10:32 ansquaremet Main Entrance

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2022.01.26 10:32 IShouldQuitThis Anybody have info on this artist or painting? The Russian on the back says "A. Lopov. Autumn light. 1995."

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2022.01.26 10:31 telex_bot Bolsonaro fia a legnagyobb név a Budapesten, a választások előtt egy héttel tartandó amerikai republikánus szuperkonferencián

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2022.01.26 10:31 jac5617 Cannabis Stocks Are Slumping. Trulieve Could Be a Bargain.
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2022.01.26 10:31 possessedfire26 Interesting title

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2022.01.26 10:31 tarot_b Readings Available ✨🤍

Readings available by donations Tarot Intuitive Mediumship
Send me a chat or comment below
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2022.01.26 10:31 VforValveeta What are some Belgian Malinois owner stereotypes?

Just curious ..
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2022.01.26 10:31 cuber_dude Monitor recommendations 34/32 inch IPS 2K RS 60-80k max

I want to buy a 34/32 inch IPS 2K RS 60-80k max
the budget is high cz office will pay for it
I will be FPS gaming and working on this.
My current monitor
I am running a G14 (2021) Ryzen 5 4600HS + 1650TI
Thanks in advance
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2022.01.26 10:31 Just2Laps Indy Car 2020 at Indianapolis with rFactor2 and HP Reverb G2

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2022.01.26 10:31 Not_Ok_Salary Is this the correct way to trebuchet?

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2022.01.26 10:31 hivincentc Here's Your Daily Market Brief For January 26th

📰 Top News
US stock futures moved higher in Wednesday morning trading as investors await a Fed meeting expected to set the central bank's tone for the rest of the year.
All eyes on the Fed - The US Federal Reserve is expected to signal at its meeting today that it is ready to raise interest rates as soon as March, and that it will consider other policy tightening. Note: The Fed has been buying $120 billion of Treasury and mortgage securities a month but has been tapering back.
What comes after Omicron will be worse - The World Health Organization says the next Covid-19 variant that will rise to world attention will be more contagious than Omicron. Note: Roughly 21 million Covid-19 cases were reported by the WHO last week, setting a new global record for weekly cases from the rapidly spreading Omicron variant.
Dropping Bitcoin? - The International Monetary Fund is urging El Salvador to discontinue Bitcoin's status as legal tender, citing risks associated with the cryptocurrency's financial stability. Note: In September 2021, El Salvador became the first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender along with the U.S dollar
🎯 Price Target Updates
Deutsche Bank upgrades Moderna. MRNA upgraded to HOLD from SELL - PT $175 (from $200)
JP Morgan upgrades AVIS. CAR upgraded to NEUTRAL from UNDERWEIGHT - PT $205 (from $225)
Credit Suisse downgrades The Clorox Company. CLX downgraded to UNDERPERFORM from NEUTRAL - PT $160
📻 In Other News
Avoiding gas pains- US and European allies are coordinating with natural gas suppliers around the globe to cushion the impact if Russia were to cut off energy supplies in the conflict over Ukraine. Note: Russia has deployed close to 100,000 troops near Ukraine's border for weeks, sparking a diplomatic crisis for the US and Europe.
When "return it" adds up... - Retail returns jumped to an average of 16.6% in 2021 versus 10.6% in 2020, according to a survey by the National Retail Federation and Appriss Retail. That adds up to $761 billion in returned merchandise. Note: As shoppers buy more online due to the pandemic, they are also returning a larger portion of clothes and other purchases to retailers.
Light it Thailand? - Thailand became the first Asian country to approve the de facto decriminalization of marijuana, even as authorities have left a gray area around its recreational use. Note: According to Thai law, possession and production remain regulated, even as the country's Ministry of Health dropped cannabis from its list of controlled drugs.
📅 This Week's Key Economic Calendar
Wednesday: FOMC rate decision, Fed Chair Powell holds press conference following FOMC meeting
Thursday: Initial Jobless Claims, (wk end 22-Jan), GDP Price Index (4Q A), Pending home sales MoM (Dec)
Friday: PCE Deflator YoY (Dec), U of Michigan Sentiment (Jan F)
📔 Snippet of the Day
Quote of the day: "Risk is the permanent loss of capital, never a number" - James Montier

You can get the Daily Market Briefs straight into your inbox, for free. Try it at
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2022.01.26 10:31 Zolokin best of both worlds

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2022.01.26 10:31 ladycarrotcake idk if this is allowed here but I'm selling some of my unused books

🛑1987 Phil Consti by Bernas, 2009 Ed. No Highlight/Markings Engraved name ₱1,800
🛑1987 Philippine Constitution: A Comprehensive Reviewer No highlights/Markings ₱800
🛑Printed Codals - booklet type (RPC/CONSTI/CIVILCODE) No highlights/Markings ₱300 talk all
🛑White Elephant Reviewer ₱400
Take all for ₱2800 💖
Shipping c/o buyer MOP: BDO, GCASH, PNB
📍Cainta, Rizal
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2022.01.26 10:31 edwardianpug Getting an old clock running again: Minute hands are working fine. Any ideas of the voltage to be applied to seconds hand?

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2022.01.26 10:31 Narrow_Willow_3982 🤩11 WINNERS👑👇🏽check comments & UPVOTE 🚀 SHOPHOUSE SHIBAS 🐕‍🦺

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2022.01.26 10:31 chilltopxv Anybody here chubby, disease free, and can suck dick? Plz hmu with your snap, im by miami lakes. If you can host thats a ++++

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