2022.01.26 04:58 oldhearthgaming RATU TAWON | It Takes Two | PART 12 | GAMEPLAY | PC | STEAM | INDONESIA ...

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2022.01.26 04:58 MRLlen How to get over bad experience from therapist?

I was with this therapist for one year, that's the longest I have stuck with one therapist. There were few good experiences and learnings. But I feel like most of it was bad and just me researching things on my own based on my therapist's reactions.
What I can't get over with is how she dealt with my trauama and some of the mental health issues I shared with her. She would encourage me to share it in that session and then would shame me for having those issues in next sessions. She also took very long time to understand some of my boundaries and to stop crossing them. Like I literally had to explain why that was a trigger for me, when she already knew my past and should have figured that out as she is the therapist. I always felt like there was some power imbalance. I also had extreme slef harm related episodes after getting triggered during the sessions.
I keep on going through all this again and again. I don't know how to make peace with this. That was the first time I ever talked about my truama so it felt very special (?) and important to me. And now looking back when I realise how she handled it, I find it hard to move on. I don't even know if she was a good therapist at this point. I was also on medication so that helped with most of the mental health issues. So she probably had nothing to do with me feeling better during that time, it could be mostly meds. Idk what to do or think. Idk how to move on from this therapist. It feels like coming out of toxic relationship of some sorts.
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2022.01.26 04:58 ykthebirdguy remember the girl who had the box set of coloured gel pens and smiggle stationary? she abuses prescription medications now

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2022.01.26 04:58 hardlystella2020 Headed to Jamaica

Warning: RANT.
I mean nothing by this, just venting. My sobriety is at serious risk - I need to write right now. And I just want someone to listen to me and be heard.
Being sent to Jamaica for work. Not the fancy tourist part - the real part. The part where people live in abject poverty, crime is rampant, and the whole country is sick. I have been advised by the ministry of health in Jamaica that they cannot help me if I get sick - and it is their discretion whether I get to enteleave the country. I guess I am getting an RFID chip in customs when I arrive, quarantine, then I am told when its ok to leave the hotel. At the discretion of the Jamaican Ministry Health Department or whatever.
I just need to tell someone that I am afraid - and trying not to be - because I can't be. I am one of three women on the team, so I have to work 8x as hard for an credibility or respect. Add trying to stay sober to that and a mental illness to boot and... well, I am ignored, consistently abused, and still I try to please these people. And I'm fighting to stay sober.. I know sober is better for me... at least rational mind does. Lizard brain wants to start up ending bottles of liquor and start shooting dope right now.
I think I am being sent because I have a valid passport and I am fully vaccinated. I am never scared of traveling - it is my job to be the "Nouveau homeless" - live out of hotels - travel to places I have never met before. It was exciting, until the first time I was sexually assaulted on the road - on the campus of Merck - there is a Homeless Suites in West Point PA.. on the Merck campus. A guy cornered me in the elevator and attacked me in the hotel, because I dropped my guard... it was just for a minute. I have had a coworker assault me as well in my sleep. I take very heavy meds in order to be able to sleep..
I'm not on good terms with work - they are afraid of me because I have "come out of the closet" so to speak and announced my complex trauma PTSD + PTSD + scapegoat PTSD to everyone - because I just don't give a shit if other people feel comfortable around me. Guess what? I don't feel comfortable around you! There is no end to the "you are an idiot because you are a female" in this role.
The majority of the collection of idiot men I work with are so emotionally stunted that at the simple hint of mental illness or defect, instead of treating me like a human being, they up the anti of the psychological and emotional abuse. If that doesn't work - they just pretend I don't exist. If you are a man reading this, I don't mean to stir up trouble - I am sure all men don't fit into this category. Beware the always and never statements, I always say.
Abuse comes in many forms: silent treatment, gas lighting, malignant narcissism, removing a condom during sex, attempting sex when you know I have been sedated and cannot resist, being chased down a country road after asking to be left alone....
So I'm going to Kingston. Got to prove them wrong, and to see if I still got it in me.
If your comment to this post is that I work in a toxic work environment: I say to you - no shit Sherlock. This job is not a job - its a lifestyle - nay... a cult. It is not easy to get out.
I want out, but I drank the KoolAid already. Trying to stay focused and not drink rum from coconuts when I get there.

Dad was so kind to send me this.
Looking for some strength, as oblivion seems like the better choice right now.

Gonna try not to drink with you today but...
idk. lost. feeling all the feels

Men think woman will shame them.
Woman think men will kill them.
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2022.01.26 04:58 Status_Preparation_4 That looks great!!

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2022.01.26 04:58 HansGruberHk 1st 2022 Virginia Beach Snowfall means flexing on the Soccer moms.

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2022.01.26 04:58 SizeBackground Looking for some help

This is just a quick question, but as an introduction since im new in this subreddit, I am a very experienced player in SC as I've been playing for MANY many years since Soul Edge/Soul Blade, but my question pertains to SC6. I have been dabbling with this iteration of Zas and i could swear that I've seen in a combo where he has 1 curse stacked already (maybe? i dont remember well enough), time stops, and stacks another curse to time stop again mid combo, for a total of 2 time stops in one combo. From what I remember it was without walls but i could be mistaken. I know at the wall, you can do;
(1 curse stacked) 6A+G ~ 3K ~ 1BB time stop ~ 3K ~ 46BB time stop ~ 2A+B ~ 4B+K ~ B+K (slight hold, release) Dmg=80
Does he have anything similar to this without walls where he can time stop twice in one combo? It would be super cool if he did.
Thank you in advance for any help or ideas ❤️
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2022.01.26 04:58 Abdullah_704 10 Pakistani soldiers (of which 8 are Punjabis) martyred in a Terrorist Attack in Kech, Balochistan

Balochistan: Of the 10 personnel martyred in the tragic attack, two belong to Lasbela and Naseerabad districts of Balochistan while eight belong to Jhelum, Gujjar Khan, Sahiwal, Bahawalnagar, Multan and Mandi Bahauddin and Sheikhupura areas of Punjab. Three personnel were also injured and taken to hospital.
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2022.01.26 04:58 prismadocomercio senhor huestation essa música é melhor do que qualquer musica do kpop out bts

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2022.01.26 04:58 _Kiyomi_Uchiha_ Whats there use tho?

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2022.01.26 04:58 Haarif PS4- Open to a swap for Fifa 21 players. Also open to selling all at once for a decent price. DM open

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2022.01.26 04:58 LaunchedBulb "My planet Arrakis is beautiful when the sun is low" - sci-fi theme my mobile app. Reminds me of Dune

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2022.01.26 04:58 Fragrant-Net-9388 HELP W PIERCING- huge red bump on my ear!?

!!!!!??? https://www.reddit.com/piercing/comments/sd0gd3/what_is_this_on_my_ea?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
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2022.01.26 04:58 idontknowanymoreY I should keep track of time better

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2022.01.26 04:58 flat0ftheblad3 Inside of you are two Kermits

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2022.01.26 04:58 NietLovena Need advice. I take too long doing textbook readings

For my calculus class we need to do the chapter readings before we get to class which wouldn't be a bad thing if I didn't 1. Suck at math and 2. lack prerequisite math knowledge and therefore take forever reading through the textbook.
Does anyone have any advice on how I can make more time for practicing questions and reduce the time I spend reading/taking textbook notes?
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2022.01.26 04:58 benfrain Dell 40” 4021QW 5K2K inferior to BenQ PD3200U 32” 4K?

Waited ages to get my hands on this 40” 5K2K Dell monitor but text in particular seems noticeably less clear than on the 32” Benq I’m intending to replace.
Both are scaled to 1.25 in macOS. Both have a 140ppi pixel density.
Any one else faced similar issue?
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2022.01.26 04:58 XxMysticMusicxX I was wondering if it's normal to suffer from worse sleep problems after inconsistently taking circad (melatonin)

Hey there, so I as the title suggests I was wondering if my sleep problems are meant to get worse? I took it once and fell asleep after an hour but felt sick after taking it the second time so I stopped taking it. For some reason now it takes me 5 hours to fall asleep and I get about 4 hours of sleep each night when before it took me 3 hours and I'd get around 6 hours of sleep. I also took it last night but didnt fall asleep at all and I'm not too sure what to do
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2022.01.26 04:58 Newtoreddit123403 [Q] i have listed zaniolo

it’s clear he won’t sell, how do i recall him
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2022.01.26 04:58 ALFASEF_Mi Mesajlara ne kadar sürede dönüyorsunuz?

Bence de katıksız orospu çocukları
View Poll
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2022.01.26 04:58 Zaerod I just realized today while working here

I no longer want to work here.
I'm so sick of being pressed for higher and higher rates. My job has little to no critical thinking needed and I'm a problem solver, which, from what I've been told, is one of the more complex positions.
At first they give you encouragement as you're learning and putting your best foot forward. But once you've been in the trenches, the switch flips from warm welcomes and smiles to overly-aggressive, stressful performance goals, and unapproachable managers. When you reach those goals, you're expected to keep breaking records to cover the slack for people that aren't pulling their weight. So long as you meet your target, nobody cares you exist. Nobody is truly grateful for your efforts because tomorrow is another day and the work never changes, the work never ends.
I honestly don't know why I came to Amazon to work. I have a strong work history and am educated. I guess I was curious what it was like. Amazon always advertises how they're "such a great company to work for," but Jesus what a lie. It's an unorganized shitshow and the only reason I've gotten as far as i have is because I ask as many questions as possible. The majority of people working here don't have the slightest clue what is going on outside their immediate area, and almost none of them can see the bigger picture of how all the moving parts in these FCs come together.
I was convinced by a level 8 that you can climb quickly in this company, which stopped me from quitting almost as quickly as I began,, but that's a lie. If you know someone here, you can move up. But if you don't, there is no "career advancement plan". There is no empowering of employees. If Amazon had their way, every single person in this company outside of corporate would be stowing, picking and packing.
End rant. Thanks for reading.
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2022.01.26 04:58 ObModder Elihu Vedder - Soul in Bondage (1891-92) [3625x5630]

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2022.01.26 04:58 marinelata StreamM4u - Watch full Movies and Series Online

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2022.01.26 04:58 doklan Seeking Suggestion on Pc Parts

Hi guys, sorry if this post not belong here, but i really need suggestion which modern brand parts that compatible with this old mac G4 case like motherboard, power supply and others, thank you. Want to transform this one into a gaming pc if possible.
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2022.01.26 04:58 oldhearthgaming RATU TAWON | It Takes Two | PART 12 | GAMEPLAY | PC | STEAM | INDONESIA ...

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