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Jeff Green in reply to the official Nuggets Instagram post about his first DPOG win “Almost gave a speech but we got a game tomorrow”

2022.01.26 06:21 NikolaiBullcry Jeff Green in reply to the official Nuggets Instagram post about his first DPOG win “Almost gave a speech but we got a game tomorrow”

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2022.01.26 06:21 Eurostream99 Question to NFT developers about new project

Hi, me and my dad had an idea about a new interesting project with real world use case I believe that what we thought about it's very interesting and possibly new and original and were wondering were we could find some developers to talk to, to better understand the possibility of our project.
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2022.01.26 06:21 Proper_Breakfast_844 Identifying CCR5 coreceptor populations permissive for HIV-1 entry and productive infection: implications for in vivo studies | Journal of Translational Medicine

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2022.01.26 06:21 RecklessKing16 Some of my favorite shots from episode 5!

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2022.01.26 06:21 Foreign-Location-501 Good value or nah? I need only half of the resources

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2022.01.26 06:21 Spam00r You are the Two Neo!

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2022.01.26 06:21 Diotoiren [ROLEPLAY] Tales of Trust and Betrayal

Tales of Trust and Betrayal previous
Betrayal Imperial General Headquarters, Tenkyō
Metaphorical alarms had been blaring across the Imperial Government for nearly 72 hours and as Prime Minister Nakano Kanna walked through the halls of the ever imposing Imperial General Headquarters she could see the shockwaves from last Monday's headlines still sending aides and officers reeling. The Headquarters which had come to be known internally as The Rock was always busy, yet the Prime Minister was certain that more feet had entered and exited the building in the past several days than had in the whole of 2051. And as she rounded the finished corner leading to the large executive office, she was hardly surprised to see that the Minister for Foreign Affairs had arrived before her.
"Minister Reid...Admiral Ijūin, thank you for meeting at such short notice, and Admiral, thank you once again for allowing the use of this office." Prime Minister Nakano walked in, waving for them to cease the needless bowing as she sat down, taking the Admirals seat for the time being.
"Of course, the Imperial Military serves at the command of His Imperial Majesty and the Prime Minister, this office is as much you're own." Rear Admiral Ijūin Goro spoke as he sat down across from the Prime Minister.
"I'm sure that you and Minister Reid have already discussed what has happened and I don't think it requires any additional discussion on the matter." Stated the Prime Minister as she placed some papers on the table.
"Yes Ma'am, both of us are as shocked as you. None could have expected this, not from them and not after what we gave them." Spoke Minister Reid as she took her own seat alongside the Admiral. "I have been in discussion with our GIGAS partners, needless to say I can imagine they are rather thrilled by this."
"Of course they are, they've been hoping for a ripple since Deliverance." Spoke the Prime Minister as she began opening one of the files.
"What about His Imperial Majesty? Any word?" The elder Admiral spoke without hesitance as he watched the Prime Minister carefully.
"None so far. I'll be speaking with him tonight however, hopefully to bring some clarity to this mess." Replied the Prime Minister.
"But why now? Especially after what we gave them. It was the golden ticket." Stated Minister Reid as she flipped through her own notes. "A free hand in the Mediterranean and instead they use that to break the Ring of Fire."
"The why no longer matters. What's done is done." Replied Admiral Ijūin.
"Unfortunately Minister Reid, I have to agree with the Admiral. In this instance, we've been left with very little choice on the matter. The sacred Ring has been breached, the Ring of Fire which our predecessors defended with blood. Because of that, the why no longer matters." The Prime Minister spoke before handing a file to each of her colleagues. "So I hope you have both made the necessary preparations."
"Yes Ma'am." The two nodded in unison.
"Good." The Prime Minister stood and turned to look out the window whose view spread across the Imperial Capital. "It's time we unveil the Warhammer."
Trust Cascadia
Through the valleys and across the highest peaks, the sound of mystic wings pushing through the snow-laden air hummed a silent symphony as the fleeting wisps of winter licked away at the boy's face. The snow had come in like a lion, a last goodbye from the North wind which every year blessed the lands of Cascadia. And just as soon as the last snow fall of the year had come, it would in only a few weeks time vanish once again as Spring heralded the horn of life. But for now as the blonde haired boy stood amidst snow and ice, only the serenity of winter surrounded him. Atop the plateau of the Skyline's Divide even the slightest of sounds can hardly be heard over the din of the valley winds rising towards the heavens. Yet carried upon those winds was a voice, that which sings the song of Man.
Come now Child of Heaven and Earth,
Come now Child and Rise with the Wind.
Snow continued to lace the boy's face as he closed his eyes, keeping them protected from the winds that now hit him as if screaming the words of the Mountains.
Child whom is born among Gods,
Come now and be Free.
Words he had heard in dreams now became reality as each gust like the breath of the wild itself brushed against his face. Cascadia the last home of true wilderness had come alive as if to sing a final goodbye, a lullaby of the Mountains which reach for the Heavens. Breathing in with each gust, the chilled air sent him into euphoria as the roar of the mountains became almost overwhelming and he edged ever closer to the cliffs.
Now hear our cries of Anguish,
Child, lead us all away from this Crusade.
Sounds not of the Mountains could be heard desperately fighting through the roaring winds as the boy reached out his arm towards the valley. Yet in an instant his eyes where jolted open as a pair of warm arms pulled him back from the cliff, the song of the wilderness ceasing entirely as reality began flooding back to his senses.
"What are you doing? Young Prince." Came the call of the Kitsune as she held tightly onto the Prince while pulling him away from the cliffs edge.
"I was fine." Replied Masahito as he struggled against the strength of his Imperial Caretaker. Despite his own growth into a teen, the genetics of a Kitsune still easily allowed for the white-tailed woman to practically carry him around.
"How many times, you cannot get so close to the edge." Spoke the Kitsune as she doted over the Prince who had been her charge since he was a small child. "In only a few days we'll be returning to the Imperial Capital, imagine what would happen if we had an incident before then. Come now, lets return to Rainier. You can take my hand if you'd like." The Kitsune held out her hand as she teased her charge.
"I'm not a child anymore, how many times do I need to tell you that." Spoke the Young Prince as he brushed aside the Kitsune's hand.
"Perhaps my tail then? You always loved grabbing my tail." The Kitsune smiled wide as she did her worst to hide her amusement.
"When I was a toddler!" The Prince spoke as he began picking up his pace, attempting to out-speed the agile Kitsune. "I can walk back on my own, Miko. So I'll meet you back at the house."
"I know you can walk back on your own. But I'd much rather you didn't." Replied Miko as she trotted alongside the Prince. "Besides having some company every now and again doesn't hurt."
"What if I don't want to talk?" Asked the Prince as he slowed to a more comfortable walking pace.
"Then we don't have to." Smiled Miko as she matched her own pace to the Prince. "We can just walk."
"Alright. Then lets just walk."
Under the Midnight Sun
The last light of the evening barely broke through the small windows of the whale which coasted across the sky towards the home islands. It was a picturesque evening, one that artists could only dream of capturing and the soft breathing of the sleeping Prince echoing within the Whale made it all the more relaxing for the Kitsune caretaker. Despite his claims to the contrary, he was still quite fond of the tail as was made evident by the fact he had found himself asleep once more on the caretakers lap, her white tail acting as a pillow to his weary head.
"Come now Child of Heaven and Earth, come now and rise with the Winds." Quietly sang the Caretaker as she brushed her hands through the blonde hair of the Prince. "Born among the Gods, come now and be free."
Of all in the world, it was these few Caretakers that understood the responsibility that rested upon the shoulders of those kissed by the Divine. And none could do more than sing quiet songs of comfort for those who would one day rule millions.
"One day, you'll lead us all away from this Crusade."
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2022.01.26 06:21 Elvis_Onjiko Every time bitcoin drops

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2022.01.26 06:21 SAtechnewsbot Ghana: Vodafone 'Ɛɛkɔso' Promotion Rewards Over 175,000 Customers

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2022.01.26 06:21 SAtechnewsbot Video: #DellTechZA – Work from anywhere

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2022.01.26 06:21 belenscita86 Regice red arena 1698 0630 7828

Be online and ready :)
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2022.01.26 06:21 DumbleDefault SPIDEY ROLLINS! I’m incredibly happy with this custom. What do you guys think?

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2022.01.26 06:21 Cicorie Software to disable hdd?

Is there any way to stop the hdd from getting power without me pysically deatching the power and data cables? I use it rearly and I can't stand it spinning and making noise.
Tried via power setting but windows keeps waking it up from time to time.
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2022.01.26 06:21 imdatim Paying premium for more alerts but missing features Layout filter alert logs?

Imagine going through hundreds alert logs can't filter out isn't same layout? Isn't a way to restore Accidently deleted alerts log?
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2022.01.26 06:21 Original_Ad_3791 anyone got a download file for fnia AH?

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2022.01.26 06:21 No_Connection_4757 Need advice. PayPal refuses to compensate me for a scam in which I was paid money from hacked accounts.

I made a few posts on Vietnam on the same topic previously, but here is the general rundown of the events that have taken place in which I have been scammed of 276,678 yen.

Here are some of the things I’ve tried already: - I filed a police report with Japanese Police, but they told me they cannot do anything about this because the culprit is overseas, and they are neither able to go to Vietnam to make him pay me back, nor ask the Vietnamese Police to make him pay me back. - I contacted my country’s embassy in Vietnam about the matter and asked them to help me bring the matter to the Vietnamese Police, but they told me that they do not deal with legal disputes, and told me to contact the Vietnamese Police directly. - I emailed the Vietnamese Police in English, but they did not respond. I’ll going to send them a Vietnamese-translated version of my email and try again.
I contacted PayPal and explained that I had been scammed, but they refused to return my money. This was how things went: - I told them I had been scammed and asked them to return the money from the 4 accounts. The first agent didn’t even take the matter seriously and told that the cases had been closed in the buyers’ favour and told me to ask the buyer to resend the money. I responded and told him to take the matter seriously, as I had been scammed, and the Vietnamese will not be paying any more money, and even if he did, he would continue hacking into others’ PayPal accounts to send me money. - The next agent that responded actually took the matter more seriously and opened a case for me, and asked me to submit evidence that the item was delivered. I sent into my post office invoice showing the address of the Vietnamese scammer. They told me they would get back to me. - They never updated me on the case, so I messaged another agent about it, and the new agent said that the tracking page didn’t show the address of the recipient, and asked me to ask the shipping company to update it to show the address. I told them that Japan Post’s system is fixed; the post office staff can’t just show whatever they want on the tracking page. I pointed out that I have submitted two pieces of evidence that together proved that the item was delivered to the Vietnamese scammer, which was the email invoice that showed both the tracking number and the scammer’s address, and the tracking page containing the number showed that it was delivered. They told me they would get back to me. - Once again, they never got back to me, so I messaged another agent about the matter again. The new agent told me that the result was that PayPal couldn’t return my money as there was no address under the ‘Ship To’ address. (Why did they ask me for the proof of postage if they were going to to eventually tell me that anyway?) I explained that the police was unable to help me and they were the ones who told me to contact PayPal about it, but the agent just kept emphasising that there was nothing they can do further.
Recently, I messaged an agent again, pointing out that, after doing some research, I discovered that the scammer had not just use the victim’s account to pay me, but also for paying for services on some websites, and paying another person to ship a smartphone to him too. In other words, there were other victims in this situation. I pointed out that PayPal earns millions of dollars a year, so 276,678 yen is nothing to them. I asked why they couldn’t just compensate all victims involved in this case, which includes both the victims whose accounts were hacked, and the victims who were sent the money. However, the only answer they kept giving me was that it was ‘not covered under seller protection’.
I told them that I wasn’t asking them to pay my the money from the victims’ accounts, and I was asking them to compensate for this scam incident, because if PayPal’s login security had been strong enough, the Vietnamese scammer wouldn’t have been able to hack into the victims’ accounts to begin with. I even pointed out that I could also employ the exact same scam tactic on someone else by buying a phone from them, sending them money without including my address under the ‘Ship To’ section, and then later claiming that it was an ‘unauthorised transaction’ after receiving the item.
However, no matter what I told them, it was completely useless. They would not compensate my money no matter what.
I have exhausted every single avenue already. What should I do? Some people in my previous threads suggested making the matter viral and pressuring PayPal into compensating my money.
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2022.01.26 06:21 subatomic_rabbithole Why is everyone looking at me?

So whenever i am walking down the street, or walking anywhere, I always notice people are looking at me like we exchange eye contact all the time idk why. And most of the time it's a female, and older females
I am an average looking person I dress normally all the time there is nothing visually outstanding about me
So idk if this is my imagination or there is something wrong in the way I look
Has anyone experienced this
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2022.01.26 06:21 pebble327 Odd result from peeling a tangerine

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2022.01.26 06:21 lumencordibus Bestsecret Invitation- Great Deals, up to - 80% on designer fashion (based in Europe)

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2022.01.26 06:21 BionicKalo hey guys weren't we suppose to get the shards from bubba's mask this patch cause I haven't

I haven't gotten them at all even tho I've played plenty of bubba are the shards only for people who had the masks unlocked or were they just for people who have played him
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2022.01.26 06:21 FrontpageWatch2020 [#10|+7144|85] I made some health bars [r/Minecraft]

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2022.01.26 06:21 silverprom Купить Уплотнители для Холодильных Камер

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2022.01.26 06:21 Imlazyerthanyou Yum penis

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2022.01.26 06:21 Capital_Elephant6765 What are these bugs? Look a little bit like spiders. Harmful for the plant, so any ways to deal with them?

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2022.01.26 06:21 FrostingExcellent Do HRs really verify job offers?

So I recently got an offer from another company and I've been trying to delay my answer since my current company is having my counter offer approved by upper management.
(Note: I've blurred out all the details of the new company's offer when I showed it to my HR and told her I didn't want to disclose in case it was confidential.)
Now the new company dropped the offer because of my late response but the counter offer is still up for approval. I'm anxious my current HR suddenly asks for the other company's contact to verify and will know the offer is gone.
Is it highly possible my HR will do so based on the experience of others? Thanks!
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