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A quien más le pasa? A mí no paran de llamar, ya denuncio como 30 números

2022.01.26 12:05 Lautryng A quien más le pasa? A mí no paran de llamar, ya denuncio como 30 números

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2022.01.26 12:05 Ginzapo QUE LENGUA BOOOFF

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2022.01.26 12:05 Key_Database9095 What performances according to you definately deserved an Oscar but shockingly did not and some which even did not recieve a nomination ?

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2022.01.26 12:05 Eraserhead123 [H] Flayed Ones, Evil side Field of Pelennor [W] $$$ /trades [Loc] CO, USA

Clearing out a few things. All prices include shipping in the States.
Flayed ones from kill team. 36$ OBO
Lord of the Rings Battle for Pelennor Fields. Evil half of the box set, with some extras. Extras are urak-hai scouts, some used for conversions but plenty of parts/bodies to add into the mix. $60 OBO
Would trade for nib/nos Changecaster, pink horrors, Bloodletters, Flamers, Beasts of Nurgle. Also interested in buying any of the aforementioned units! Pm with prices.
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2022.01.26 12:05 nixo_69 Raum or azaan

I dont know who to buy and i need help
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2022.01.26 12:05 FigAdditional7103 18M Looking for people I vibe with

Looking for a friend , since I seem to be lonely at uni. Some of my interests include gaming(mostly free pc games and some mobile games), watching anime, reading(though haven't been reading recently), writing sometimes, daydreaming various scenarios and putting up pointless arguments. If you need to vent/rant, I'm down to listen anytime, so feel free to go right ahead~
I'm also a little weak at starting and keeping conversation so my apologies if I seem uninterested. I would prefer people who are around my age range. Please feel free to message me in my DMs~
If you've read this far, have a great day~
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2022.01.26 12:05 CreativeWorkout Synonyms for leader and follower but without the hierarchy?

I love both following and leading, but I expect some people don't want to be a follower (or a leader) because of connotations of hierarchy.
Do such words already exist? If not, can we find options?
Brainstorming possibilities (yes, most are bad, but perhaps they will spark something good:
initiator and responder
choreographer and interpreter
partner 1 and partner 2
starter and finisher
lead and follow (I've heard this several times - nouns without the "er" - an attempt to distinguish from the hierarchical leader and follower)
offer-er and accept-er (but followers can in some contexts can make offers)
inviter and responder
generator and implementer
leader and lagger
caller and answerer
muse and poet (this attempt to invert the hierarchy - suggesting that the follower sets the leader in motion - still leaves the leader as active and the follower as passive object/objective. yes?)
anchor and flyer (but leaders aren't just anchors)
chain and ball (here using ball in the sense of thing that flies, not in the sense of a rock weight like in 'ball and chain'; a failed attempt at humor)
co-creator 1 and co-creator 2
other ????????
Do any non-English languages somehow have words with a sense of equal-partners where one initiates and the other follows-thru?
Of interest:
Some Swing and Blues dancers (perhaps other styles too) switch who leads and follows mid-song.
Contact Improv spends 90% of the time without a clear lead and follow - changing in any moment, without a conscious choice to change - both are listening, both following the collective momentum. Their following creates the leading; their following is the leading. (Ask / message me if you want more on Contact Improv.)
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2022.01.26 12:05 craftybean13 Feeling handsome today

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2022.01.26 12:05 SparkFire83 RAIAN IS THE BEST

I KNEW IT DAMMIT I ALWAYS KNEW AUTHOR HAD A THING FOR RAIAN AND THAT HE LL BEAT CHADWARD WU.ALL YOU WHO DOWNPLAY RAIAN TAKE THIS.I saw this coming after Alan match.No matter How weak Raian may seem at first against Edward,he will somehow beat him bcs he has a huge role in this manga.
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2022.01.26 12:05 zeromuscle Here’s their solution guys...

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2022.01.26 12:05 Popular-Dirt5055 Forced mate in one is forcedly preventable!

Forced mate in one is forcedly preventable!
  1. Black has M1, white to move.
  2. No matter what white does it's a forced mate.
  3. White just has to wait the clock to run out to draw by timeout vs insufficient material
M1 is defended and the game is a draw.
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2022.01.26 12:05 millerlitefan pet mouse for 4yr old

I went to the pet store last year and my son really wanted one. I almost got one, but it was too much money in supplies to do it.
I like the idea, but my son will probably set him free inside the house. Anyways- what do you guys think about a pet mouse for a toddler. We have a small terrier dog, but the dog spends most of the time with his grandparents.
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2022.01.26 12:05 Spukill Finally i can buy everything i want! :D

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2022.01.26 12:05 dreamcourtss formas de ficar mais tranquilo

acho q meu dia a dia de trabalho, estudo tem me deixado muito estressado ao ponto de as vezes descontar em alguém sem querer, alguém tem alguma sugestão de como se desestressar ?
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2022.01.26 12:05 kabumbola_00 Colega de trabalho lerdo

Trabalho com um cara que parece que se movimenta mais devagar que uma lesma. Ele faz Mackenzie, e literalmente não sabe escrever a porra de um e-mail pedindo documentos pra cliente. Fiquei sabendo que ele copia e cola textos de e-mails antigos e que pede textos prontos pra mandar de e-mail pra pessoas.
O filha da puta é tão alienado na bosta, que nem a documentação que somos responsáveis ele checa se é aquilo mesmo e ja sai fazendo merda mandando documento errado pra pessoa errada e depois quem leva tiro no meio da cara sou eu.
Dei um toque nele sobre uma coisa que ele errou, pra ajudar o cara a entender melhor nosso serviço, e o filha da puta achou RUIM que eu ensinei ele. Então pq ele não pega essa bosta e enfia de volta dentro do cu dele? Lixo ridículo.
Detalhe: entrei no trampo 4 meses depois dele.
Foi mais um desabafo. Já sou obrigada a trabalhar pra não morrer de fome e ainda tenho que trampar com gente lerda e que acha que sabe tudo e só faz coisa errada.
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2022.01.26 12:05 Etherianis Gen I-IV Starter Giveaway

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2022.01.26 12:05 pinkelgerrie Committing to practice?

I've been playing guitar for almost 10 years now and one of the things that I never seemed to be able to get down was practicing regularly and being satisfied with my way of practicing.
So I'm now doing my final research project for my information science bachelor on, you guessed it, practicing a musical instrument. Right now I'm conducting a experiment to try understand how making a commitment to practice influences a persons self-confidence, as this was something that I struggled with personally.
I'm still in need of about 25 more participants so I'd like to ask you if you want help me out and practice your guitar while you do so. (this can be done anonymously from the comforts of your own home)
The idea is that you fill in a quick questionnaire and make a commitment for the next week, then during this week you practice on your instrument, and when the week is over you fill in the final questionnaire.
If you'd like to participate click this link and have a look around: https://sites.google.com/view/presuasive-intervention/step-1-participant-information
the final questionnaire can be found here:
For those of you that have question please message me I'd be glad to help.
And for those of you that choose to participate, good luck and thanks in advance!
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2022.01.26 12:05 Small_Floor7106 Trading crypto Vs staking crypto. Why leverage is bad. My experience.

I got into crypto back in May. My main picks were BTC, ETH, ADA SOL, MATIC, ONE, ATOM and ALGO. In hindsight they were pretty good calls, but I'm currently down from my initial investment. "How?" You might ask. Well, I played with leverage. I won my first few trades. I made a little money, then I lost even more. It gave me sleepless nights. I was worried all the time. I made riskier and riskier trades to try and get the money back. My portfolio could dip thousands of dollars in minutes. Fear and FOMO haunted me all the time. Eventually, I lost everything. Thousands. Most of my savings. Most of my crypto. It was gone.
Thankfully, I have a decent job. By being frugal and DCAing a chunk of my salary, I've managed to rebuild a small spot portfolio in crypto. I no longer touch leverage. I just buy, stake and HODL. I sleep easy and my portfolio just keeps going up. I wish I'd never touched leverage and just staked it all from the beginning. My picks would have made me a few X by now. People did warn me about margin and futures trades. Cypher punks warned me. I warned myself. Movies, books, TV shows, charities, this sub - all warned me. Even YouTubers warned me. But greed is a powerful emotion. I knew the risks and I did it anyway.
Yesterday, my portfolio went up around 20% without any leverage at all. I've even qualified for some airdrops over the past few weeks, which never would have happened if all my crypto was on an exchange or being leveraged. In stark contrast to when I had leveraged trades open, I'm currently not worried by this volatility at all. I can hold for 4 years or more if needed (but I suspect we'll see a huge pump this year anyway). These crypto markets are a crazy opportunity. You'll make plenty of money if you just DCA and HODL. Ignore the greed, hear the good advice: DO NOT LEVERAGE YOUR CRYPTO! Buy and stake and be patient!
Good luck out there!
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2022.01.26 12:05 0Dusty0 Recommendations on a few things

Currently I only have this cast iron pot/skillet thing, a wok, and a small skillet that almost never gets used. I've been using that combo skillet (mostly the deep one) alot lately and have been loving the simplicity of using it. That being said ide like to get a wider, more shallow skillet with a lid and was wondering if anyone had particular brands they liked or even specific pans and why they like them. Also any recommendations on some metal utensils and recipes to use with my pans would be nice aswell! Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.26 12:05 Ok-Art-2990 Submitted documents for recertification ex. Proof of ownership and rental ledgers on 1/24 I am landlord anyone know how long it takes after this. This is for additional funding.

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2022.01.26 12:05 Demalos Recommendations for a 3rd party PS3 controller that works with Chains of Olympus?

After playing through God of War on PC, I got a nostalgic rush and wanted to play through the original games. After finishing GoW: Ascension (I forgot how badass that final fight was) without issue using my PS4 controller I tried to play Chains of Olympus and that game doesn't recognize the PS4 controller. I checked Ghost of Sparta and it didn't work with that game either.
I've been on Amazon.ca and didn't see any official Sony controllers for sale, but lots of 3rd party brands that say they work on both PS3 and PS4. I just really want something that works on PS3, and will work with Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta.
So anyone GoW fans that went through a similar situation and found a 3rd party brand that works with these games?
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2022.01.26 12:05 haremyeager What do you prefer, getting married then have a house or house first for yourself even tho it will take to get it and to get married?

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2022.01.26 12:05 quiro158 Male or female cockatiel?

My family is looking to get a cockatiel, but they’re not sure whether to get a male or a female. They’ve owned a male in the past and loved him. They’re interested in a female now because they heard they tend to be a bit quieter and more gentle/affectionate. My mom really likes to spend time with the bird and is hoping for cuddles and lots of love. Talking isn’t that important for them.
One worry I had was with the female’s egg laying, which I’m not familiar with at all since I’ve also only owned male birds. Is it a common issue for them to become egg-bound?
Are there big differences in behaviour between male and female birds?
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2022.01.26 12:05 Failswithsoof Can someone who isnt poc/Colombian cosplay the encanto characters?

Id love to cosplay isabella or pepa however im scared of the reactions since my friend got threatened for her encanto cosplay, what do you guys think?
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2022.01.26 12:05 wholelottaadrian NO WAYYYY

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