Etymology of Persephone

2021.12.02 12:48 darkdakini Etymology of Persephone

Can we talk about the popular translation of Persephone as Bringer of Death? I have some speculations but I'm not the best with languages
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2021.12.02 12:48 gleeshNY junya on the og instrumental

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2021.12.02 12:48 BetterTomorrow42 [No Spoilers] Poll 4 of 4 (FINALS!): Which is THE best song of Arcane Season 1?

Nominees are winners of the individual polls for Acts 1, 2 & 3. Let's settle this once & for all.
Honorable mention to "Dynasties & Dystopias" which had twice as many votes as the winners of the other Acts' polls, despite losing its own poll.
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2021.12.02 12:48 johnkebab0 How do i run the project zomboid that i downloaded off steamunlocked and i installed the redist things and i ran the project zomboid as administrator and it still did not work.

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2021.12.02 12:48 put_the_ux_in_sux From the UX side: How do I tell engineers their code quality is awful?

Hello, UX manager (12 YOE) at fairly large corporation. Was also a software/web developer for about 4 years.
So I have this issue with the engineering manager not basically knowing anything about actual programming, web development, design et cetera... And the team puts out frankly bad/terrible code. They can't even write competent Web 2.0 HTML. A lot of the tasks to be done take honestly weeks for something I can do on my own in a couple of hours. I'm designing a data solution that's little more than a basic web page with simple user auth that just consumes data from a java backend.
I'm frankly getting tired of having to write 8 pages of documentation, specs, sharing prototypes and having 8 different meetings about TOOLTIPS.
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2021.12.02 12:48 cbvv1992 🔥40% Off Code – $14.99 Women's Plus Size Print T-Shirt Dresses Short Sleeve Tie Dye Dress (3 colors)

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2021.12.02 12:48 ASICmachine Celsius maybe rekt (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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2021.12.02 12:48 sween_89 Ranked - Keep winning, not ranking up

Anyone else having an issue ranking up? I'm currently diamond 6 and out of the 12 games I won 10 of them. However the two games I lost caused my rank to essentially restart. I read they are prioritizing KDA, but if you're playing an objective game, go 16k 16d 20a w/ 10 captures (strongholds) and go up with width of the "I" after winning 5 games in a row... something ain't right here.
IMO prioritizing KDA in non-slayer game types doesn't make sense. If you go negative in a CTF match, but have 4/5 flag captures, you're currently penalized and don't rank up. Oddball is almost worse. Hold the ball for 2 mins but low on kills (obviously cause you're holding the ball), penalized.
I plan on putting together some examples and screenshots (they didn't make this easy with their current UI) but wanted to see if anyone else was noticing this.
Current Rank is Diamond 6.
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2021.12.02 12:48 playboiWLRcarti Free Content No Invites Needed

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2021.12.02 12:48 unsols Just wondering if anyone has a box that says label created but not shipped? It’s been over a week with no changes.

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2021.12.02 12:48 ASICmachine I've been trying to help a friend with bitcoin. I hope that he makes it. (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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2021.12.02 12:48 thhoney08 Compound crossbow, made by me.

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2021.12.02 12:48 okcool561 Getting Maximum Range From Ring Alarm System

I’m having trouble getting my ring alarm system to connect to devices more than 500 ft away. I’ve purchased several (ring brand) z wave range extenders but they don’t seem to help. Can anyone recommend/provided techniques to maximize range and/or third party range extenders that actually work?
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2021.12.02 12:48 ASICmachine Is a raspberry pi 4 1GB good for a bitcoin node? (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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2021.12.02 12:48 RoomMic 2017 Ford Fusion SE AWD - Buy or avoid?

Currently the proud driver of a 2009 Honda Fit Sport with 65k miles. Parents decided that it’s too dangerous do drive in the northeast, and want to buy AWD car for me. Looking at sedans and hatches. Spotted a 2017 Ford Fusion AWD SE at a dealership near us, 31k miles, priced at $21,000. The trade-in value of the Fit is $5,300, so the expense would be $17,000, and we can get a 6 year all inclusive warranty. Drove it and thought it was nice, the Ecoboost felt pretty good. Had a little bit of vibration but probably due to sitting on the lot for a while. Having read about Fusions on this sub, I’m hesitant, and I was looking at other cars. Imprezas are ‘out of the question’, drove a Crosstrek and wasn’t impressed, and the price was very high. No Legacies on the lots anywhere. Nissan Altima is ok, but is more expensive with less features, and has the poor CVT reputation. I wanted to test out an AWD Camry, but the only example in the area had just been sold when we asked. I’ve heard good things about it, and it seems more reliable than the Ford by reputation. So - should we cop the Fusion or look for something else?
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2021.12.02 12:48 xHubsonx BMW M3 e30 in city

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2021.12.02 12:48 Theoxarhs Fuck politics, but this dude is probably doomguy in his 80s

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2021.12.02 12:48 Daddy-ough LPT: Add a can of beans when you cook packaged rice and beans mixes

Packaged dry rice and beans dishes are even better by adding a can of rinsed beans at the same time as the cold water. The directions on the package will still be the ones to follow for water, time, etc.
The beans don't "dilute" the finished product. With that in mind, do not add extra rice because that will affect the dish.
Also try adding white beans the same way to packaged yellow rice, it works well.
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2021.12.02 12:48 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.12.02 12:48 LabAccomplished1008 My collection, have a Smart on the way!

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2021.12.02 12:48 pcmtx Anyone else feel this way about swiping apps for serious dating?

At least when I use bumble, it always bums me out just because I feel like I can't do anything on it. I can see plenty of interesting women that I can imagine wanting to know better, even if just platonically. But I get down because I can't actually talk to them. If I meet someone IRL, through a friend or an event of whatever, I can show the appropriate amount of interest, hold a proper conversation, read social cues and act accordingly. On Bumble (or any other site or app, for that matter,) all you I can do is try to make the best profile I can and wait. I realize that a lot of women are harassed or otherwise just have a bad time with OLD, and there are a million reasons why they might it, whether it has to do with dating or just being busy with life in general. It just feels like I'm watching people through a one-way mirror, and that being online is just giving myself the illusion of being proactive in my dating life. Anyone else feel this way?
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2021.12.02 12:48 Chino_Blanco I revisited the Salt Lake Tribune's AMA from last year, and it reminded me that we seem to be in a lull around here where AMAs are concerned.

A roll call of notable previous AMAs:
AMA with BYU-I sexual assault victim
AMA with Mindy Gledhill
AMA with Hannah Wheelwright - Ordain Women
AMA with Lindsay Hansen Park - Sunstone
AMA with Kate Kelly
AMA with John Hamer - CoC
AMA with Kristy Money
AMA with Richard Bushman
AMA with Taylor Petrey - Dialogue
AMA with Haley Wilson-Lemmon
AMA with Grant Palmer
AMA with Tom Phillips
A couple comments by the Trib in their AMA that stood out as I scrolled through:

The news industry in general is moving away from mere page views to develop more audience loyalty. We offer quality, and that has a more lasting effect than the momentary rushes on clickbait and disinformation sites.
Breaking through on Facebook and Twitter can be challenging for local news organizations, but we do it everyday. And, ultimately, we encourage readers to come directly to us at rather than relying solely on their social media feeds to surface their news. We're a destination worth your time.
Maybe I'm biased, but the Reddit platform seems ideally designed to drive the kind of engagement reporters, entertainers, public thinkers, etc. are looking for. And maybe my suspicions are misplaced, but I suspect there's a huge swath of interesting prospective AMA candidates who are kinda at a loss as to what Reddit even is, or how to contact a subreddit to arrange an AMA.
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2021.12.02 12:48 spoopy_emo_boy when it seems like everyone uses Spotify, but you use YouTube music

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2021.12.02 12:48 abusystranger MATH HOMEWORK & ONLINE CLASSES EXPERT. Email:, Discord: hueller#6484

Don’t let math work stress you, get help today. I offer help in the following categories: · Statistics
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2021.12.02 12:48 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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