Recommended gaming RAM and m.2 ssd

2021.12.04 05:23 iGalaxy92 Recommended gaming RAM and m.2 ssd

I just purchased Asus G15 Advantage edition. I am looking to upgrade the RAM. I am choosing between “Fury Impact” or “Corsair Vengeance”.
Is there any other brand that I should look at? I don’t mind pricing. If I’m gonna upgrade it might as well.
Also any recommended m.2 ssd?
Highly appreciated!😬
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2021.12.04 05:23 urmomsgf LPT: Short on cash but need coffee creamer?

Fill a coffee cup at the gas station with creamer. A bit cheaper than buying a bottle and will get you by til payday! Added bonus, you can also leave that cup in the fridge at work without worrying someone may steal your creamer.
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2021.12.04 05:23 thatmagedude Lolong has the best "small moves" in the series but neither Ohma or Lolong takes any damage

After rereading the fight Lolong does a lot of really cool "small moves" like pushing his knee into the side of Ohma's knee (just like what Ohma did to Kiryu), stepping on Ohma's foot, trying to trip Ohma in the middle of their exchange.
He also seamlessly mixes grappling into his striking even more smoothly than Okubo (but only for chapter 135, why Sandro? he should've done that all fight it was awesome)
Like after every single "finishing move" like when Ohma got tagged on the chin after Lolong changed the direction of his punch, Ohma got his arm completely dislocated, or Lolong eats a Change of Scenery.
They get back up and walk it off as if they took 0 damage whatsoever. Neither look like they slowed down, or are winded. There's no injured arm, leg, wrist, finger. (Yes I get that damage was implied by the other audience character's commentary, it just never changed the actual choreography of the fight)
Neither of them take real damage until Lolong just flops over from one regular punch to the chest
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2021.12.04 05:23 Alan-Smithie $0.72 HODLERS looking at the price chart today be like…

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2021.12.04 05:23 snowflake_pl Title/progres bar doesn't disappear

Hi all,
I recently started to experience annoying problem. Occasionally, when starting a movie or show, the bottom of the screen bar with poster, title and progress does not hide itself and remains visible all the time taking about 20% is screen area.
Can I somehow force it to hide?
I run JF 10.7.7 on Raspberry pi 4b, pi os bullseye. I stream/transcode from android app to Chromecast.
Please advise
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2021.12.04 05:23 ckcuni Zekrom raid 7374 0898 1590

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2021.12.04 05:23 Gorjesspom My Grandma's wholesome habit (positive post)

Whenever my Grandma leaves home she puts on the radio onto the Christian station so her dog doesn't feel lonely
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2021.12.04 05:23 myonlyfans153 Almost to dnd. Come help and enjoy. She’s gonna shower with us

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2021.12.04 05:23 precum1 Wet soupy grounds always stuck in portafilter - Breville Bambino

Anyone with a stock pressurized dual wall portafilter and stock breville bambino have this issue?
Every shot the grounds are wet and have a bit of water sitting at the top, but the grounds are definitely like a wet paste. This doesn't look at all like those nice picks I see people post, which is fine exept it's insanely annoying to have to dig out the grounds with a spoon and having to rinse it because there's always grounds left.
I tried experimenting with dose and tamp pressure, and grind size, nothing seems to make a difference. Apparently the regular bambino doesn't have the feature that evacuates water out of the puck after the shot? Will this get better with a non pressurized basket or bottomless portafilter?
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2021.12.04 05:23 skketchboard1 Interior Designing

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2021.12.04 05:23 tri2401 Cliff Village

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2021.12.04 05:23 ApprehensiveNews5728 Retaliation in a Union job Rant

I recently asked HR a few questions about some things I thought my bosses were wrong about. Guess what? My bosses were wrong and told so by HR.
Fast forward a few months and I get written up for not showing up to work when I wasn’t scheduled to be at work (longer story), my days off get split, time off requests are not approved, training requests are ignored for months then flat out denied, imperative equipment not being replaced, etc.
Obviously they think I’m a problem child, but I have 10 years worth of positive evaluations. They have made me so miserable I can barely function at work or home. Every week they do something else to add to the pile.
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2021.12.04 05:23 Sexy_FuckPig How do you guys feel knowing that there will never, ever be another Labour Government in the UK during your lifetime?

View Poll
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2021.12.04 05:23 CBECIndia Granite Framing for Door and Window - Standard Work Procedure

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2021.12.04 05:23 Dangerous-Factor6971 please help

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2021.12.04 05:23 Annemariedy Kung Fu Panda

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2021.12.04 05:23 omorii sketch i did in between assignments and commissions. will probably maybe finish it in the future

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2021.12.04 05:23 playby_apple Was WWE booking always so baffling even back when it was "good"?

I stopped watching WWE about 5 years ago but I still follow it by watching clips and so forth. The booking of their shows is extremely mind boggling these days. Has it always been like this, but perhaps we were too young to see it back in the 80s or 90s? The latest Smackdown main event is what inspired this thread.
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2021.12.04 05:23 I3INARY_ Nanno x V for Vendetta (spoilers below)

I was thinking alot about the potential this show has, especially the wide range of areas that breed corruption in dire need of exposure from Nanno in the future: the university frat boy culture, workplace harassment and dishonesty etc
The episode "liberation," involving Nanno's (and soon enough, Yuri's) vanguarding of a rebellious attack on a violently totalitarian school called to mind "V for Vendetta."
My own headcanon has been positioned to blast its content at reddit: they are both in the same universe; Nanno and V are either one and the same, or V is her father, or of the same origin, considering: (with half-humour)

  1. Both have the same hairdo lol
  2. Both wear masks (a mask of humanity in nannos case) yet have somebody they've become emotionally drawn to
  3. Both have a relatively nebulous origin, coupled with a "villain or hero?" Level of "Lawful Evil" moral alignment.
  4. Both have met their end, covered in flowers (V uses them as a calling card of sorts to those who he has sought vengeance, not explicitly because he likes them, but as a concept of what valerie wrote in her letter and that would be used upon the vile people who put him through such horrors)
  5. Both exist as ideas, which they exhibit with a baleful yet charismatic combination of cool-headedness and violence, with the occasional mania upon observing their desires results.
  6. Both seek justice upon those who do wrong, while leaving behind a prolonged path of questions from others regarding their motives and those for whom they do what they do: enough sadistic glee to suggest they do it for themselves, while clearly displaying a determination that would suggest such sadism is merely a "perk" in an otherwise morally perfunctory mission for change.
  7. Here is a controversial/fun but illogical one: Both could have been initially unaware of their own dormant inhumanity. Similar to Tetsuo from "AKIRA," who developed powers after being in explosive contact with one of the Espers. V himself was noted as a physiological outlier in the Norse fire experimentation camps.
"The man in room five" unlike the others, didn't die from the tests, but emerged as an emblematic entity of freedom (or terrorism, depending on which side you take) seemingly immortal, since "ideas are bulletproof" .... and perhaps WAS immortal, but the more he doubted if the world needed him to take the helm upon Evey's arrival, the more mortal he became, to his own knowledge and sacrifice in a moral dilemma... similar to a young immortal lady we know.
To anybody who is remembers the dreadfully underutilised "Slashhur" from "Teenage mutant ninja turtles 2 : battle nexus" ..... he himself "sustained moral wounds, yet somehow, inexplicably....gained the ability to travel freely through space and time... at the cost of [his] memory"
I sort of linked that too Nanno in the episode "BFF part 1/2"... it seems to be made with some ambiguity: was she already immortal at the time of her entering the school? Or did she suffer the results of her mortality during her brutal attack (possibly murder) at the school. She awakened and left, and was not seen again.... until 12 years later (please correct me I'm wrong)
That, combined with the clear evidence that both V and Nanno are exceptionally patience when it comes to planning and knowing the right times to strike, incredibly well read, due inhuman intellect, and believe that there are no coincidences (fate drawing V and Evey together, and, on a rivals side, Yuri and Nanno, perhaps Nanno knew Yuris fate would be to eventually gain such power)
These are just thoughts I had in bed. 🤷🏾‍♂️
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2021.12.04 05:23 ReflexPoint Guy jumps into mid-ocean Pacific. Very triggering imagery when looking down.

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2021.12.04 05:23 AdWorried6053 I started making this bag at 11 this morning and now it's midnight.

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2021.12.04 05:23 thecallan Mcr live on mtv2

On cemetery drive Gerard sings “made it so hard, made you a star” instead of the original lyrics. Does anyone know why this is?
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2021.12.04 05:23 Degenerate_Senpai I think my mom is purposely holding me back from seeing a specialist

I've never had a mental diagnosis in my life, but I know I have depression. My mom knows I have depression. I've had it for the longest and I think it's started to have a deeper affect on me than before. Problems that didn't exist the previous year are now manifesting, like me confusing left for right and saying something completely different from what I read or what my mind intends for me to say. Long lasting problems have pursisted, problems that makes me either overthink or think too little and it lessens my skills of paying attention to my surroundings, following instructions correctly, recalling events and information, and comprehending certain conversations. My mom is aware of these problems and is very quick to calling me out for misunderstanding certain instructions and tasks. I notice these problems pursists when I'm around her, and it feels like I have to walk around eggshells to make sure these problems don't happen or else I'm going to awaken the Gordon Ramsey inside of her. She often complains how many times she's had to correct me on certain things and even yells, "I REFUSE TO BELIEVE MY SON IS THIS MENTALLY CHALLEGNED TO UNDERSTAND THIS BASIC, SIMPLE THING!" I've told her many times that these problems are hard to avoid, and it's not like I'm conscious to what I'm doing wrong. It's something outside of my control and at this point, after all these years of making the same mistakes, this is something I need to talk to a specialist about, because I believe it's either my depression or a mental disorder or two preventing my mind from working at times. My mom says the same thing in response, "Okay, your medical insurance should cover seeing a specialist/ Okay, we can look into doing that/ Okay, we need to find some specialists in the area that you can talk to."
Despite this, she's still quick to call me out for these same problems and still treats them as if I'm conscious to avoiding them even though I'm not. She does nothing to help me find a specialist despite what she says and I think it's on purpose. You see, my mom is physically and emotionally abusive. I've endured a lifetime of abuse. This is a mom who threatened to stab me with kitchen knives as a discipling tactic when I was 8-13 years old. Not even for discipling, but for anything. If I had a stomache and I cried too much, she'd tried to shut me up with the knife. If she believe I'll say no to something, she'll use the knife to make sure I say yes before trying anything else. This is a mom who scratched my neck, punched and slapped me and threatened to call the cops on me despite her doing all the abuse and me trying to move away from her. This is a mom who publically berated that 'she hated me and I should go live with my deadbeat father.' If I did see a specialist, I think one inevitable question they ask is what's my relationship with my mother like? And recapping all the abusive stories would get my mom in trouble after years of her getting away with it. If she's not worried about getting in trouble, then I believe she just doesn't like the idea of me possibly talking about her behind my back. Whatever the case may be, it feels like my mind is deteriorating everyday and I'm tired of having these problems being treated as if they're something I'm conscious to recognizing and avoiding, especially being around a mom who's so quick to jump on you before mistakes even happen and provoking anger in you. She's what leads to misunderstandings most of the time, not wanting to make herself understandable nor approaching the way she says things to be understood, and my brain is poorly adjusting to it or something? At this point, I feel like I need to act crazy in order to get her to take me to a specialist or something. Even if I need to break shit and even get arrested as a way of telling her 'THERE'S SOMETHING MENTALLY WRONG WITH ME!'
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2021.12.04 05:23 matzan Overcome, adapt, improvise

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2021.12.04 05:23 JohntuDoetu From where does google and similar companies buy their websites?

Explaination: when we want to have any website we need to buy it from sites like From where did google purchased it from? And these companies who sell us the domain, how do they sell a domain which did not exist until I wanted to buy it? Sorry for bad English.
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