Trading mythic eggs for 10 robux + tax each!

2021.12.02 12:26 WilmaTheUnicorn Trading mythic eggs for 10 robux + tax each!

I'm looking to trade some of my mythic eggs for 10 robux + tax for each of them! I can buy as many as u want, I have 100k+ amc!
Here are my proofs, they're also pinned in my profile, check them out if you want!
Happy hollidays<3
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2021.12.02 12:26 DieNoMight9 Wandersong - DieNoNintySet442 by DieNoMight9

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2021.12.02 12:26 JesusDaniels_09 Narwhal

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2021.12.02 12:26 NewEngineering7547 Online homebrewing jank tournaments

Hey friends, to anyone here who is interested in trying a new format.
Do you like brewing unique decks? Tired of the same old metagame? Welcome to MTG Modern Homebrew, the format is Modern, but you can’t play meta decks (anything that made 3 or more top 8’s in large events in last 3 years). Players are tasked with creating their own modern legal brew deck and we face them off against each other in tournament style events over the 100% FREE website. More information within.
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2021.12.02 12:26 omae-wa-mo- 9816 0356 1714 mega steelix on me adding 10

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2021.12.02 12:26 blitzdino cpu mother board help tuf b450m plus gaming

Hello all i have a tuf b450m plus gaming and looking to upgrade to the 5800x have the 3700x atm.
do you know if my motherboard will work will the new cpu? as i am struggling to find stuff online cheers lads.
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2021.12.02 12:26 ITNETT Denne er ikke for voksne

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2021.12.02 12:26 amelialouise429 Consumed

On a sandy wet peninsula in the brightness of June,
Together with the joys of July,
And the bountifulness of August...
We are sweet evening smells floating into
Sweaty fertile mornings and
Hot afternoons melting into
Humid dog walks, fancy dinners, and
Celebrations of full moons.

When the sun is peaking
I submerge into the coolness
Of your midday break.
Windows refracting light beams
Making it hard to see
While I feed you steak and melons.

Then led into the shadows of September,
The white noise fans,
The obtrusive bench,
The heels barely balancing...
Your fuzzy blanket on my cheek is wrong,
Eliciting thoughts of fall.
And by autumn there was nothing left to harvest
You had already consumed it all.

My 2 latest feedbacks:
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2021.12.02 12:26 Elamakesmetingle H: Enclave flamer barrel mod W: Rare apparel or AA railway offers

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2021.12.02 12:26 VennTenn Providing the Egg and The Main Course

Comment before pm. I'm providing the egg for super cheap. The payment methods I accept: CashApp, Venmo, PayPal and Crypto.
Please pm / chat me or shoot me a pm on dis Carryious#2043.
VennTenn Rep
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2021.12.02 12:26 PraiseTheChalice Good weapon combos?

I have a skill build that I've been thinking of getting involved in PvP but I feel like my current combo (Blades of Mercy + Beastclaws) will work out very well. Any weapon combo recommendations
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2021.12.02 12:26 voidedanxiety One can only hope. Art generated with

One can only hope. Art generated with
Crowd marching with LibUnity colors
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2021.12.02 12:26 Ajwad6969 PlayerResource won't return Player Handle and all PlayerId returns nil

I am trying to make a single player dungeon game using the mod. I am currently trying to get the playerhero entity using PlayerResources:GetPlaterId(nPlayerId), but its not returning anything for 0 (which should be the playerid) or for any other number. As I understand it seems like my player is unassigned a team. However I can spawn npc units and assign them DOTA_TEAM_GOOD and BAD easily. Any idea whats going on here??
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2021.12.02 12:26 RompingOtter For those of you living in high latitudes: this little coffee warmer keeps your starter active when your kitchen is cold.

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2021.12.02 12:26 FrakTure95 Withdrawing avax to avalanche wallet.

Hello, I’m trying to send my avax in Newton to my avalanche wallet and when I paste my address it says incorrect wallet address. I know that it needs to be on the x chain and that’s where I’m sending it to you but still won’t work.
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2021.12.02 12:26 perrymcg [Hiring] Digital Artist for 2d cartoon NFT project.

My team and I are planning on launching an NFT collection. We are looking for an artist to create a base body and around 100 different assets. Each element should be original artwork.
The artist should be familiar with an illustrator app and be able to effectively organise and manage layers. We have allocated $1,000 as a base budget for the project, however, pay is negotiable depending on experience.
There will be further opportunities for paid work going forward if a good business relationship develops. We would be looking to start as soon as possible. Anybody looking to contact us should dm us directly, or alternatively comment below with your portfolio.
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2021.12.02 12:26 Kesssen If KOEI made an announcement of new game in 2022, what would you like it to be?

View Poll
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2021.12.02 12:26 ScawedyCat Even my therapist thinks I need to make my classes more engaging…

I know this isn’t to rant about therapists but yesterday I had a session with my therapist and I was talking to him about my lack of motivation and how I feel like I’m on automatic.
and he had the audacity to tell me that the reason I’m feeling like that is because I’m not happy with my job (I’m ok with it tbh) and how I need to investigate how to make my classes more “engaging” for my students so they can give me a “purpose” in life
I think at this rate im gonna go a little crazy 🤣
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2021.12.02 12:26 throwesto En el colegio Akros de Ñuñoa despidieron sin previo aviso al menos a 7 profesores.

Esto fue el martes.
No eran ni 2 semanas para el fin de clases, yo tenía clases con uno de los profesores despedidos, el día anterior el nos contaba de sus planes para la clase del día siguiente, día siguiente en que nos encontramos con un profesor de reemplazo, que nos dijo que el mister tenía tramites.
A la salida de ese día, nos enteramos que una profesora de música, que conozco desde chico, fue despedida, al pasar los minutos, nos fuimos enterando que varios más profesores fueron despedidos.
Hemos mantenido contacto con algunos de nuestros profesores, los cuales nos dicen que no saben cuál es la razón de su despido, no soy experto para saber si eso es legal o no, pero fue muy brusco, de hecho se rumorea que simplemente llegaron, en la mañana, como todos los días y ahí se les informó de su despido.
El colegio dio una cuasi explicación, que no hace sentido:

2 La desvinculación de los profesores obedece únicamente a una evaluación académica y desempeño normal e interna del colegio. La decisión estaba tomada con anterioridad a lo ocurrido con miss Lisa y no se vincula al proceso anual de evaluación. Se hizo efectiva con fecha 30 de noviembre para que ellos tuvieran la oportunidad de buscar trabajo. Teniendo en consideración que solo afectarían 2 días de diciembre sus actividades, ya que las pruebas globales empiezan mañana. Si bien se pudo haber tomado esta decisión una vez terminadas las clases, se optó por hacerlo con fecha 30 de nov, por la razon antes mencionada.
Estos profesores, sabemos por hecho que son excelentes, desde un punto de vista de su conocimiento, trato y forma de enseñar, no podemos tragarnos el cuento de que hayan fallado pruebas internas de su calidad como profesores, Lo único que tenían en común estos profes, es que eran muy queridos por la todos.
Se hicieron pancartas y demostraciones, yo hice pancartas y demostraciones, pero es un colegio privado, aunque todo el alumnado somos terrible izquierdistas, somos medio pavo para estas cosas.
Yo no me siento orgulloso de haber estudiado ahí, ni pensaría siquiera en, de tener, mandar a mis hijos ahí.
A mi esto me hirió, porque uno se encariña con sus profes, eran muy buenos profes, el colegio no se va a transparentar en el porque, no obstante hay rumores.
Estos profesores, de los que conocía, a parte de ser queridos por los padres y estudiantes, tenían en común que eran medios progres, usaban lenguaje inclusivo y todo eso, aunque como es debido y también muestra de su integridad como profesores, estos no presentan ni manifiestan ninguna Ideología política, se abstienen, incluso de preguntárseles directamente su opinión, también sabiéndose entre corredores que la administración es de una tendencia marcadamente derechista en muchos aspectos.
Sabemos que el coordinador se lleva mal con muchos profesores, y que ciertos profesores que se sabe, son amigos suyos, pasaron a ser jefe de departamento cuando el llegó.
Y que la directora tira un poco pa fachca.

Yo estoy muy asqueado e indignado por esto, triste también, esos profes eran realmente buenos, tengo entendido que algunos hacían medio tiempo en públicos tb, no se merecían eso.
Yo no quiero seguir ahí, pero solo me queda un año, que ya está pagado, y cambiarse de colegio es difícil.

0/10 Le queda mejor hades que Akros.
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2021.12.02 12:26 Serendipity0194 Welp

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2021.12.02 12:26 zwillia Reverting to windows 10

Hey everyone. A good friend of mine recently got a new pc and it came with windows 11 pre loaded on it. He wants to switch it to windows 10 but he doesn't see the option to revert under recovery options.
Any help will be much appreciated.
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2021.12.02 12:26 grace19744 Really need friends

Would really like some friends I don't really have any. I'm in Missouri in the usa 47 no kids just pets. I like reading trying new recipes playing bingo coffee and tea. Would any one like to do a swap I like swapping different things
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2021.12.02 12:26 jumpmanballerz Home Theatre Seating Canada

Any recommendations for places in Canada to buy quality home theatre seating?
Looking for 4 seats(min 2 reclining), real leather for a decent price. Anyone go through this and where did you shop?
Budget less than 5k
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2021.12.02 12:26 shopeeyeo Does Outfits have any special animations?

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2021.12.02 12:26 Motor_Direction643 GPU

Does anyone what this smudge-like thing is on the bottom of the golden pins? I've tried removing it with rubbing alcohol, but no luck.
Is it possibly the metal below the plastic layer?
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