Does this look like the desert part of the old map to anyone else or is it just me it looks like all those desert mountains that were close to paradise palms

2021.12.02 12:16 Michaeloco59 Does this look like the desert part of the old map to anyone else or is it just me it looks like all those desert mountains that were close to paradise palms

Does this look like the desert part of the old map to anyone else or is it just me it looks like all those desert mountains that were close to paradise palms submitted by Michaeloco59 to FortNiteBR [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 12:16 eygrima [ONLINE][GMT+2][OTHER] LF1P for d100 Gothic Fantasy Campaign. Dedicated GM looking for Talented and Highly Passionate Roleplayers!

LOOKING FOR PLAYERS TO JOIN MY GOTHIC FANTASY CAMPAIGN! I will keep this post up for as long as needed until I fill up the spot. If you see this, then feel free to apply, I'm still looking. Read the post fully, however!
Me and my group play a Gothic Fantasy campaign of my design for about a year and a half now, and we're still looking for the perfect 4th player to fill up our group of close internet friends. We have great group synergy and deeply hope we can find someone as relaxed, passionate, easy-going, and involved as we are. After this campaign, we plan to follow it up with a V:tM v20 chronicle or mythical fever dream of a setting where the Trojan War leads to the exodus of god and legend to a different plane of existence.
Synopsis: The kingdom is in peril. A great horde of Orogs has invaded from the Black Morass, wreaking havoc across the land, with not even the king's Paladins being able to stop them. King Wulfgar has decreed that a prison colony be established in the dreaded Ore Valley, an untamed land filled with all manners of dark creatures, so that the realm may produce the Red Steel metal that has proven so effective against the Orogs in greater and greater numbers.
A conclave of several Fire Mages and Water Mages were tasked to work together in order to erect a magickal barrier around the prison colony, so that none of the convicts inside would be able to escape - yet the ritual went awry, expanding the Barrier to twice its intended size, and trapping the mages and the guardsmen of the colony as well.
The prisoners soon rebelled, taking control of the colony, and are now demanding that the king pay them in food and goods in order to supply him with the magical ore the kingdom so desperately needs. You are someone who has just been convicted and is about to be thrown in.
Guilty or not, you are to spend the rest of your life in the Ore Valley.
Your true life starts here.
System: Custom Hack of the Unofficial Elder Scrolls RPG 3e v2 (Similar to Runequest or Dark Heresy/WFRP) which is a classless d100 system. Will teach passionate new players the ropes. We play in a different setting than that of the Elder Scrolls. Both the system and my game hack are very well designed and balanced, so this won't feel cheap or tacky. My players love briefing in and welcoming new people!
Theme: Low Gothic Fantasy Sandbox in a Prison Microcosm. Morality and Humanity are a recurring motif. Philosophizing about Nature and Mortality is a frequent occurrence. I describe our game as a "theatre play with RPG mechanics." The theme is the focus of the game and not the backdrop.
Do not expect fake D&D Curse of Strahd "Gothic." Expect the Castle of Otranto or the Fall of the House of Usher instead. Our representation of the Gothic is traditional, organic, and indescribably genuine.
Time of Play: Currently Saturday around 15:00 GMT +0 every week. Players who have a flexible schedule are prioritized.
Platform: Foundry Virtual Tabletop. All you need is to download RadminVPN so we can connect to a virtual LAN and for me to send you a link in order to connect to my game server. Everything is hosted on my end. Good internet preferred.
Voice or Chat: Voice on Discord. Chat is also used when doing roleplay while someone is already talking. Need someone who has a decent microphone. I also record the sessions and might post them on Youtube so that our memories together are cemented. This is not important and compromises can be reached.
Gamemaster: Well-spoken veteran Gamemaster from Europe with a lot of experience. Enjoy a mix of combat and social encounters. I am obsessive about thematic consistency and can provide a high-quality standard for when it comes to everything. I understand my role as a Gamemaster very well and will ensure you get nothing but the best from my end.
Exceedingly social and beyond friendly but cannot tolerate conflict or any other such stressful situation during playtime. We all play to have fun, not to get irritated. I like to believe I am very warm and welcoming.
Ideal Player: Is European (optional). Speaks "good English," can show up on time, and most importantly, is very passionate about roleplaying. Average session time is around 6 hours. I want a player that can engage others and take initiative. Show me vim and vigor please!
I especially value players who can well and truly get immersed. The game experience has been carefully crafted to allow complete in-character immersion and I would like someone who can appreciate that experience. Perfect player is all of the above.
A relatively free schedule would also be advantage. We occasionally play ad hoc inter-week sessions if everyone is up for it and our main weekend sessions can sometimes go as long as eight hours. We're all busy, but we just enjoy the game too much. This is not a necessity and I do not expect it from anyone. As long as you show up each Saturday, then I'm perfectly fine!
What I Can Offer You: Completely player-driven, sandbox experience. Hundreds of sidequests and magical items for you to enjoy and experience. My game has been designed and curated to instill the perfect ambiance required for a player to get truly and completely immersed. I promise you have never seen a campaign like this!
The music is fitting, the writing is solid (I am a professional content writer), and you will feel as if you are playing Morrowind or Oblivion but in a different setting. Have created dozens of small in-game lorebooks and skillbooks for you to discover and browse. I am also verbose and rarely stutter. Sandbox is my specialty and you will not be disappointed.
Addendum: This is a game hack of a niche system. Please contact me if you are interested and we'll take it from there. Only reason I would prefer Europeans is because they know the Metric system, use Celsius, and have compatible Timezones. I've attached a PDF of my custom hack for the game so you can get a feel for the lore and decide if this is what you're looking for.
Youtube Channel: If you'd like to see me GM you can do so here.
The game hack overwrites the Races and the Armor and Weapon Materials of the core system and expands upon certain mechanics.
Please send me a player pitch describing yourself, your interests, your TTRPG experience, and what you feel you can bring to the table. Messages that suggest you have not fully read the post or that mention "D&D" will be ignored.
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2021.12.02 12:16 pekititas Thank you to everyone who reached out yesterday. Y’all definitely put a smile on my face. I should probably start paying attention to this zoom meeting…(30F)

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2021.12.02 12:16 ClubSodaKiller Give the gift that keeps on giving the whole year round $BBIG stock - on Sale today!

Act now to get delivery before the holidays! Buy stock for your wife, child, mom, wife's boyfriend, favorite hedgie, or whoever! Nothing says happy holidays like an investment in $BBIG - not financial advice. Limited special time offer buy 1 share get a 2nd for less than $6 while supplies last!
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2021.12.02 12:16 fappingjack LBI The snow globe your collection needs Tap for Product Links! Shop in Store l Fri...

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2021.12.02 12:16 lilkoodek Day 2 of Spidey-Cember, today is the Bombastic Bag Man. My own art

Day 2 of Spidey-Cember, today is the Bombastic Bag Man. My own art submitted by lilkoodek to Marvel [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 12:16 BulbasaurusX LF: any spare Piplup and Chimchar for breeding FT: Turtwigs

Thank you!
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2021.12.02 12:16 yyzworker Ontario reports 959 new COVID-19 cases, 7 more deaths

Ontario reports 959 new COVID-19 cases, 7 more deaths submitted by yyzworker to AnythingOntario [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 12:16 AndreiAlk Ranking de campanhas dos grandes clubes GAÚCHOS no Campeonato Brasileiro por ano

- Comecei a considerar o Campeonato Brasileiro de 1967 (Robertão) porque foi a partir desta edição que todos os 8 grandes do Rio e de São Paulo passaram a jogar juntos a nível nacional, ao contrário da Taça Brasil, que só jogava o campeão estadual.
- Esse tópico não tem a pretensão de servir como provocação ou dizer que X é maior que Y. Trago apenas números e dados históricos a título de curiosidade 1967 - Internacional (2º) > Grêmio (4º) 1968 - Internacional (2º) > Grêmio (6º) 1969 - Internacional (5º) > Grêmio (10º) 1970 - Internacional (5º) > Grêmio (8º) 1971 - Internacional (5º) > Grêmio (6º) 1972 - Internacional (3º) > Grêmio (10º) 1973 - Internacional (4º) > Grêmio (5º) 1974 - Internacional (4º) > Grêmio (5º) 1975 - Internacional (1º) > Grêmio (14º) 1976 - Internacional (1º) > Grêmio (6º) 1977 - Grêmio (13º) > Internacional (25º) 1978 - Internacional (3º) > Grêmio (6º) 1979 - Internacional (1º) > Grêmio (22º) 1980 - Internacional (3º) > Grêmio (6º) 1981 - Grêmio (1º) > Internacional (8º) 1982 - Grêmio (2º) > Internacional (22º) 1983 - Grêmio (14º) > Internacional (19º) 1984 - Grêmio (3º) > Internacional (22º) 1985 - Internacional (10º) > Grêmio (18º) 1986 - Grêmio (16º) > Internacional (17º) 1987 - Internacional (2º) > Grêmio (5º) 1988 - Internacional (2º) > Grêmio (4º) 1989 - Grêmio (11º) > Internacional (16º) 1990 - Grêmio (3º) > Internacional (16º) 1991 - Internacional (7º) > Grêmio (19º) 1992 - Internacional (10º) > Grêmio (9º B) 1993 - Grêmio (11º) > Internacional (13º) 1994 - Grêmio (11º) > Internacional (17º) 1995 - Internacional (9º) > Grêmio (15º) 1996 - Grêmio (1º) > Internacional (9º) 1997 - Internacional (3º) > Grêmio (14º) 1998 - Grêmio (8º) > Internacional (12º) 1999 - Internacional (16º) > Grêmio (18º) 2000 - Grêmio (4º) > Internacional (6º)
2001 - Grêmio (5º) > Internacional (9º) 2002 - Grêmio (3º) > Internacional (21º) 2003 - Internacional (6º) > Grêmio (20º) 2004 - Internacional (8º) > Grêmio (24º) 2005 - Internacional (2º) > Grêmio (1º B) 2006 - Internacional (2º) > Grêmio (3º) 2007 - Grêmio (6º) > Internacional (11º) 2008 - Grêmio (2º) > Internacional (6º) 2009 - Internacional (2º) > Grêmio (8º) 2010 - Grêmio (4º) > Internacional (7º) 2011 - Internacional (5º) > Grêmio (12º) 2012 - Grêmio (3º) > Internacional (10º) 2013 - Grêmio (2º) > Internacional (13º) 2014 - Internacional (3º) > Grêmio (7º) 2015 - Grêmio (3º) > Internacional (5º) 2016 - Grêmio (9º) > Internacional (17º) 2017 - Grêmio (4º) > Internacional (2º B) 2018 - Internacional (3º) > Grêmio (4º) 2019 - Grêmio (4º) > Internacional (7º) 2020 - Internacional (2º) > Grêmio (6º) 2021 - Internacional (?º) > Grêmio (?º)
RESUMO: Internacional 31 x 24 Grêmio
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2021.12.02 12:16 Gorilla-Samurai How do I set an area for shopping with Hospitality?

Going over the mod and speaking with people here, I found out I can make shopping areas for guests to buy stuff in, but then I ran into a pickle, how do I set those areas? In the zones menu I don't see the option to place Area 1,2 etc.
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2021.12.02 12:16 Mirliva9 Wombo art for the word Berserk

Wombo art for the word Berserk submitted by Mirliva9 to Berserk [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 12:16 babylonical Yo tengo escribir / yo tengo que escribir?

If someone asks "¿Tienes que escribir una composición?" is it correct for me to reply with "Sí, yo tengo escribir."
Or do I need to have the 'que' after tengo? - "Sí, yo tengo que escribir."
Google translate gives the same english translation for both, but I'm not sure if both are correct options.
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2021.12.02 12:16 Enhanced_Calm_Steve When every Real Estate Agent review is flawless 5 stars, none are 5 stars. Useless.

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2021.12.02 12:16 TrapShot7 Help creating WebGL build! Compile errors

Assets\Scripts\GooglePlayServices.cs(93,66): error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'LeaderboardScoreData' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)
I created a game for Android which included Google Play Services for IAP and high scores using Unity. I now want to release a WebGL version so I can upload it to In this version, I'll remove all IAP, online scores and ads.
My problem is when I switch platform to WebGL that Unity still finds the Google Play Services scripts and says it can't find the namespace (Logically since I'm not targeting Android). Is there a way for those scripts to not be included in the build or any workaround? Is there something I'm not aware of or not seeing?
Any help is greatly appreciated!
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2021.12.02 12:16 Nelson_MMM Raga le migliori versace chain reaction? Non mi convincono tanto quelle che ho trovato..

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2021.12.02 12:16 Odd_Dingo9520 thunder

thunder submitted by Odd_Dingo9520 to LeagueOfMemes [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 12:16 Astro_Wizard Romcom drama

I'm in need of romcom dramaas to watch on any platform iqiyi Viki Netflix ,I'm a little new to cdrama so a suggestions are welcome , thanks!
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2021.12.02 12:16 DinoCubix Is this sand dollar a fossil?

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2021.12.02 12:16 shuerintelectual A little guitar jam inspired by John and Flea

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2021.12.02 12:16 benchamin-freightlin Barrington Levy - Never Tear My Love Apart

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2021.12.02 12:16 HealthyDeal20 Biden to interchange USPS board chairman Ron Bloom and DeJoy Ally on put up board of governors

Biden to interchange USPS board chairman Ron Bloom and DeJoy Ally on put up board of governors submitted by HealthyDeal20 to RetirePlanning [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 12:16 National-Oven81 Why didn't light's life span increase

When jealous killed the other dude saving misa his remaining lufe span went to Misa. Spoilers ahead >!When Rem saved light by killing L why didn't her remaining life span add to his? Or did rem's also add to misa's?!
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2021.12.02 12:16 TamagotchiRiot Fit check - 10wk 15lbs Ergo Adapt

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2021.12.02 12:16 Alexandria_Scott Working for about employer who is abusive, like mine, is like having an abusive spouse. The abuse can wear on you to the point where you feel ashamed, beaten down… With no voice. I think it’s a lot more insidious than just, Oh, I have a bad boss.”

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🐻NFT GIVEAWAY🐻 JUST UPVOTE & READ THE REPLY COMMENT BELOW! 24H⏰ submitted by Retouchess to Solsea [link] [comments]