[Linux] Slight problem with the Trackpoint on T420s with Linux Mint

2021.12.02 12:58 Careful-Movie-8654 [Linux] Slight problem with the Trackpoint on T420s with Linux Mint

[Linux] Slight problem with the Trackpoint on T420s with Linux Mint This problem is more of a minor inconvenience/annoyance but I would love to find a way to fix it. I have two Thinkpads, a T60 running Arch32, and a T420s running Mint 20.2 Cinnamon. The Trackpoint moves the mouse perfectly fine on the screen for the T60, but on the T420s, it feels laggy as if the DPI is somehow lower than the trackpad. Is this something that's happened to anyone else? I'm having a hard time understanding how this happened.
I'm pretty new to Linux overall but I understand my way around Arch and Ubuntu for the most part. I'm thinking maybe there's some sort of configuration issue

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2021.12.02 12:58 gubbygub Prevent Spotify from changing order of playlists on update

my spotify auto updated somehow even with autoupdates turned off (for this exact reason)! anyway, when it updated it once again changed the order of all my playlists. i have a lot of playlists, like almost 300, and my 'workflow' or whatever for spotify is based around those playlists being in the right place...
i have a few main playlists that i use frequently when im not making a new current playlist, and some of those i had rearranged long ago, some i put way at the bottom of my library of playlists and some are grouped in different places, but from being used to my style i know right where they are, could prolly scroll without looking and land on the ones i want.
now its all wack, shits just in order of creation which sucks, and i know this isnt a big deal to lots of people but its a huge point for me and im legit about to just remake everything on yt music and be done with spotify, all over this one tiny issue. i swear there used to be a way to set it to custom order and fix it, but last time and now this time i cant find that option and dont feel like spending an hour trying to get everything back
sorry for big rant, im just beyond frustrated with this as its happened a bunch over the years
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2021.12.02 12:58 tongquanghuy Art by me

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2021.12.02 12:58 JustPonsie Would it be possible breed dogs to live longer?

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2021.12.02 12:58 Pingu_pingu007 Eu tô fazendo alguma coisa errada?

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2021.12.02 12:58 Conscious_Access6757 Anyone starting Tysom tonight?? I have him and stafford not sure if I should roll the dice on him?!!

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2021.12.02 12:58 Lowskillman187 will there be problems on one account on two consoles?

hello, I was thinking of buying a previous generation of console because of the games. And now I have a question: will they give me a ban or a restriction due to the fact that I have one account on two consoles of different generations?
Yes, very strange question.
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2021.12.02 12:58 Public_Drummer_238 We find them when when least expected.

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2021.12.02 12:58 hfxlfc Germany excludes unvaccinated from parts of public life

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2021.12.02 12:58 Pnda49 Fuck it... Friendly Krueger

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2021.12.02 12:58 Sailormars78 Pampas (Gr)ass brought to you by my wet golden retriever

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2021.12.02 12:58 MLastCelebration Reunification achieved under Southern rule - Zealandian Courier

📻 Reunification achieved under Southern rule Syndicated - The Zealandian Courier - June-July 2022
After six long years of fighting, Zealandia is (mostly) whole once again. The Southern Federation has taken control of the country, reassuming the brand of Zealandia; their leaders assuming the highest offices of the Republic.
While the country heals however, the remaining separatist groups reign terror on occupying forces North-eastern counties of Vulturalia still attempt to cling to their idealistic independence, fighting from the mountains and reigning terror on those that would collaborate with the "Southern Menace". The Batavian Free State in northern Batavia fights on, attempting to consolidate enough support to restore Batavia to it's former independent status. The Maori Nationalist Union, who had initially worked with the South under the promises of autonomy has become discontent - the government will have to address the promises of former presidents lest they want more fighting.
Effects +5 ACT (Nat.) -3 ZUC (Nat.)
Cassius "Liu" Chaerea is now President Mr. Sheng, a.k.a. Shennogo, is now Prime Minister
Syndicated content. The Zealandian Courier is always hiring.
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2021.12.02 12:58 dimeweld Best explanation on how the quote and the picture are correlated gets my free award… this meme was too smart for me

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2021.12.02 12:58 True_Canadian1 Eamon Valda Can "Travel"

Eamon Valda Can As a man Eamon Valda hates all those that can channel. Valda would never suffer a person who could channel to live. We will recall in episode 2 the questioners where gonna go south into the 2 rivers. We can than follow on the map that Perrin and Egwene are on the Caralain Plain which is east of where the Whitecloak encounter happened.
So as a man that can channel why has Valda Not Offed himself as a blight to the world. After all He can channel and use gateways else wise their is no way he could catch up.

Feel free to add conjecture on how he could logically do this imp sure I have missed something /s
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2021.12.02 12:58 Joingston These bands (especially BB) have really helped me in my assignments and dealing with emotional issues. I salute them!

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2021.12.02 12:58 webmediums Your child doesn't want to go back to class? This guide will help you

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2021.12.02 12:58 MikotheChino PC Upgrade Help/Check-Up

Whassup ya filthy animals!
I finally gotten the opportunity to buy an RTX 3080 FE (Woohoo! Took long enough amiright?!) and although I’m super excited, I want to make sure my current set up can handle the upgrade and nothing will bottleneck or just give out on itself. The PCPartPicker link is my current set-up and with me replacing my current GPU to the 3080, it’ll ramp up my wattage to a total 528W (May need to upgrade PSU too) So if any of you can help me out and see if my PC can handle and work well with the 3080, I’d appreciate the help. Sidestory: Only reason why I bought this for myself is because my bestfriend needed a better GPU but, new gen GPU will mess up his build so when I had the opportunity to buy the 3080, which was literally an hour ago, I immediately took it and will give him my 2070S.
TLDR: Bought a 3080, just want to make sure my PC can handle the upgrade.
PC Build
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2021.12.02 12:58 kesitom Ortúzar: Boric subió a economistas serios al barco y luego lo hundió, los humilló con el cuarto retiro

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2021.12.02 12:58 Toreadorables Review Roundup link: Steven Spielberg's WEST SIDE STORY

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2021.12.02 12:58 bigkais 👾RIVER MONSTER POKER CLUB #x0jnc👾 ♦️.75/1.50 NLH Club on Pokerrrr 2 💰DAILY CASHOUTS ♥️ALL-DAY action with our 1100+ members! ♣️Premier Day Club on Pokerrrr 2! ♠️Join RMPC on the Pokerrrr 2 app! #x0jnc 📲TEXT 614-323-5866 OR TELEGRAM @bigkais FOR APPROVAL!

👾RIVER MONSTER POKER CLUB #x0jnc👾 ♦️.75/1.50 NLH Club on Pokerrrr 2 💰DAILY CASHOUTS ♥️ALL-DAY action with our 1100+ members! ♣️Premier Day Club on Pokerrrr 2! ♠️Join RMPC on the Pokerrrr 2 app! #x0jnc 📲TEXT 614-323-5866 OR TELEGRAM @bigkais FOR APPROVAL! submitted by bigkais to pokerrrr2 [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 12:58 Aggravating-Tell-774 harbison jasper hill bad smell normal?

I recently found this at my local market and have heard good things and I adore Brie like cheeses and a good blue. This cheese was sooo potent I was dry heaving. The smell lingered so long I could barely eat the cheese without disgust. Is that normal? I can’t believe it gets good reviews with that smell! The bark was bluish green but I read that was normal ? Any thoughts
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2021.12.02 12:58 findingbeauty1 Am I seeming desperate for still being in contact with this guy? My instinct is he may already be in a relationship which he keeps denying. Thoughts on why he keeps hanging up?

I had what I thought was amazing chemistry with a guy I met in a cafe abroad. I've had a really rough dating experience and a break from dating so when i met (31M) in a cafe on the last few days of my holiday it was a nice surprise. We had great chemistry, he blew off work the next afternoon and we hung out (no hug, no kiss although he wanted to). This was in another country and I flew home 3 days later. I have ties to that country so could move there if things got serious and we had consistent communication. We have been speaking for about 2 weeks everyday.

Well he has a habit of hanging up the phone on me when a work call comes through (IT Contractor on a project with a tight deadline). We typically talk pm everyday after 9pm. So I wouldn't expect an interruption. Well after a couple of hang ups I told him my ex used to do that and I can't be with someone like that again that I find it very disrespectful (read triggering).

Yesterday we were having what to me was a really important conversation about expectations should we decide to be in a relationship. In the middle of me saying honesty is really important he said "oh, I need to go" and cut the line without my being able to respond. I thought ok at least this time he said need to go. This was around 10pm. I was expecting a call back after a few minutes and it didn't come.

Around 4AM I went onto my what's app and saw he was online. No message about sorry I had to cut our conversation short etc. I deleted him from my phone after a few mins analysing that he was indeed active on it and not just coincidentally going on once to check like me. He called me within 2 minutes of this as I'm assuming my picture was no longer visible. "Oh I just got to my room from doing some work etc he said". I replied "I already told you that it's really important to me that if I'm opening up to someone they don't hang up on me and I've already explained why". He started laughing and stated but I said I had to go. I responded that he didn't even pause to hear my response, that I'm upset, I said we're both in our 30s and mature adults and the way he's behaving is so disrespectful - that we're not teenagers just learning that respect is important. I said maybe he needs to get a much younger woman who has no boundaries because I don't want to play these games with him. And that if he feels he can't communicate with me without doing that then it's best he finish up his project and call me once the project is wrapped up in a few weeks after Christmas, but there is no guarantee that I'd be waiting around for him. I then said it was 4 am, I'm working in the morning and I'd talk to him later.

I called him around 8am twice this morning but he hasn't rung back. I saw he'd also since deleted me from what's app too. Usually he'll send a good morning message around 6am. What should I do next and **what could I have done better so I bear in mind for the future?** I'm stuck between feeling too demanding and feeling like a doormat.

I come from an emotionally neglectful home. Dad always putting down mom. Mom always putting me down and criticising and screaming at me in public, making fun of me if we're sharing a conversation with people outside the nuclear family e.g. my SIL, or at a family Christmas type party if I'm contributing to the conversation. No respect in our family. Parents not interested in me as an individual. Parents doing leaps and bounds to be seen as accommodating and supportive of others. Everyone knows about their issues because they discuss each others flaws with friends, family.

I want to be stable and loving.
If I could go back I would've MAYBE let him talk and explain himself.
But I find he tries to laugh and make things light hearted when he's being held accountable, and that could be some type of trying to manipulate through charm. I also wouldn't have called in the morning but I felt so guilty which I shouldn't have now that I'm reading this back. I'm trying to develop healthy boundaries while giving people a chance to make mistakes.
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2021.12.02 12:58 lucidmashedpotato Ikaw, what are you craving for?

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2021.12.02 12:58 BIknkbtKitNwniS Does this seem like a reasonable quote for this renovation to you?

House is a 40 year old 1400 sq ft bungalow + 1400 sq ft basement.
This is an almost total gutjob (drywall and wiring and plumbing unchanged)
Remove all current floors, baseboards and crown moldings.
Add hardwood and porcelain tile on main, luxury vinyl in basement and new baseboards throughout.
Remove all popcorn ceilings and make them smooth.
Potlights throughout
Remove all doors and door trims and install new shaker panel doors on main. Cheap doors in basement.
Created a stacked laundry closet.
Remodel one 4 piece bathroom
Add two 3 piece bathrooms where there wasn't any before, one on main, one in basement.
New front door.
Remove current kitchen cabinets.
Add new hardwood cabinets, with quartz countertops. Cabinets to be in L shape with 6 ft wide island bar with sink. So approximately 9ft x12ft kitchen
Fix all holes in walls and paint everything.
Promised to fix a bunch of small issues and make everything "perfect"
Quoted total: 120k
This is the middle of the 3 quotes I received.
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2021.12.02 12:58 annakarienina raridade que encontrei no sebo! amo livros com as marcas do tempo <3

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