Is there a way to switch off that annoying border in Local hosting?

2021.10.23 01:05 MINDSTONE778 Is there a way to switch off that annoying border in Local hosting?

I was just wondering if there was a way to switch off the border in local hosting, it gets on me and my friends nerves almost every time we play.
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2021.10.23 01:05 promidiemgaming Rocket League : Filling the resume

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2021.10.23 01:05 Big_Operation6846 [IG] FollowForFollow INSTANT @follow.foxie

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2021.10.23 01:05 kewpiid if the answer was "yes", what would your question be?

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2021.10.23 01:05 reddit_feed_bot Gab Trends: Biden: My Build Back Better Plan Is a Bigger Deal than Obamacare

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2021.10.23 01:05 motolinda Mascara - Nous livrons generateur electrique à Mascara. Importation pour Mascara Algérie #Generatrice #generateur #generateur_electrique #electrique #Groupe #Electrogene #GroupeElectrogene #Mascara #Algérie

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2021.10.23 01:05 Longjumping-Stick-59 26F I'M LOOKING FOR FUN

I'm looking for fun with an older man I'm home and bored I'd love to have fun with someone who's way older than me and ready to spoil me catch me if you can
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2021.10.23 01:05 k0r05 Trying to run selection sort, but its giving me the same array as the output, can anyone tell me why?

#include  #include  #include  using namespace std; void s(int a[],int n){ int l; for(int i=0;ia[j]) l==j; } swap(a[l],a[i]); } } int main(){ int b[7]={1,9,3,4,8,6,7}; for(int i=0;i<7;i++) { cout<
this is the output i'm getting
1 9 3 4 8 6 7 1 9 3 4 8 6 7 
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2021.10.23 01:05 Ultima_Reddit It doesn’t have to be that close to the back wall

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2021.10.23 01:05 stylegracefunnyface Kevin Wesp - Goosebumps // Raw vibes from the techno scene

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2021.10.23 01:05 lamdog330 D4SV2 W2 vs Convoy L7 SBT90.2 misty night

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2021.10.23 01:05 PocketSnad Didn't something similar actually happen in canon? Like the AL raiding another AL outpost, but it was actually part of the plan, which was part of another plan?

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2021.10.23 01:05 themoorofvenice Car crashes into Ulu Pandan Community Club, 2 taken to hospital

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2021.10.23 01:05 jairo981 The Best EDM Remix. Enjoy it

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2021.10.23 01:05 crypto_junkie2040 Help me find a replacement thermocouple

I have a gas FMI GL 5100 fireplace and the thermocouple went bad and I am having trouble finding a replacement.
I've tried and but the screw on both of them is too large to fit into the slot where the old one went into. I've searched around, but can't find a decent replacement, does anyone know what replacement part I need to get instead?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.23 01:05 whitecat69 I want to place my radiator to the front of my case with the rgb showing on the inside, is this possible? I only see people show the rgb on the outside of the case. Is this just preference or does the fan directionality/placement on radiator matter?

Hi guys,
Just a quick question on fan mounting and radiator placement if anyone could help me out
Just built my first ever pc recently with an air cooler originally but will be replacing it with an nzxt z63 AIO liquid cooler due to aesthetic reasons
Ive noticed that on a lot of builds where people have their radiator placed at the front of the case, the fans/rgb is on the outside of the case
example of what I mean at 3 min 53 sec:
As you can see in the video above, the rgb is seen at the front of the case. Fan placement on radiator is essentially intake fans which means that the hot air is blowing inside the case (correct me if im wrong)
What if i wanted the rgb to be shown on the inside of the case instead?
example (pic taken from amazon):
Could i also do this? My case is an lian li mesh 2 performance with pre-installed fans at the front (2x intake) and back (1x outtake)
If i were to place the fans so that i could see the rgb on the inside of the case, would the directionality of fan placement be an issue? Doesnt this mean that the fans would essentially be blowing the hot air out the front if i were to place the fans so that rgb would be visible on the inside or do i not understand this? I was originally going to take the two preinstalled lian li fans that were originally at the front and mount it to the top of the case as outtake fans but if my logic is true, that would mean that i have zero intake fans and only outtake fans? Does the direction/placement of the fans on the radiator matter or?
Hopefully my question makes sense, thank you for any help i can get
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2021.10.23 01:05 nihilistnyx I’m trying to get into art a little later than most, but ANYWHO I got drunk and drew fire nation Katara. I don’t normally share my artwork but I’m feelin t o a s t y

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2021.10.23 01:05 redhatGizmo Kerala orders probe into ‘forced adoption’

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2021.10.23 01:05 Azarinth TIFU By exposing myself in front of a poor Doctor.

This is a long one so grab your popcorn(Or skip to the end and look at the TLDR).
So first of I'd have to admit this happened about 6 or 7 years ago. Now that I see the funny side and crack this story at parties I feel like you guys should know about it.
So some backstory out of the way. Growing up I had check ups twice a year to monitor my hight and weight, you see I was born a big boy. 10st 10 pounds, I was also really tall (or I guess long as babies don't stand). but by the time I started school I was the shortest in my year. This meant I had to stand there in my boxers in front of a nice old lady and my mum to get measured all the time.
Even as a shy lad over time I'd gotten used to this, same old lady every time, same old mum. BUT there was one year my mum couldn't take me, my older sister offered to drive me instead. me being 16 and her being 18 at the time. Thought little of it as my sister had seen me in my boxers before. Nothing I couldn't handle. So I get there and the nice lady says to me she doesn't need to measure me this time, just ask some questions. She then asks me if I'm comfortable with my sister being in the room with me and as an anxious teen I said ofc because I didn't want to be on my own. She then just straight up asks if I've had any hair growth on my testicles and how puberty is going.
My sister then explodes into laughter and I lose a small portion of my soul. I then asked my sister to leave. I'd rather be anxious than die from embarrassment. After some other fairly similar questions all is said and done. She tells me it'll be the last time she needs to see me but I'll be having some visits to another doctor to check my progress. Alright fine I have to go get measured somewhere else.
Move on a year and I have my first appointment with my new doctor, very nervous about it. Although I'm nervous about everything so that means little. Anyways he calls me in with my mum asks some fairly easy questions. Then picks up what I now call the testicle prayer beads. A bunch of wooden beads in increasing size on a string(I know what you're thinking because so was I) he then says "pop behind the curtains I just need to check the size of your testicles". My heart sinks and panic sets in. I'm not attracted to men but I also had zero control of my cock at this point this was going to be a disaster. Luckily for me I managed to get through this ordeal without too many problems. The only one being a fully grown bloke cupping my testicles in one hand and some funky beads in the other, saying I'm getting to be a big man. I'll never forget it.
Flash forward another year and this time I know what to expect. I've got this, a year older and I've survived it once. I get into the waiting room and there's an older female doctor in the room I'd normally go in. Panic. All the confidence I'd built up. Destroyed. Turn to my mum, say to her I can't fucking do it. Not getting a full beamer in a grannies hands. My mum obviously laughs at me and then tries to convince me everything will be fine.
The woman then leaves pushing a cleaning cart. I feel like and idiot but also relieved. My mum and me laugh about it for a bit. But before I could get the last laughs out, a drop dead gorgeous doctor comes out of the same room and calls my name. I turn to stone. Medusa herself must've caught my gaze because I am petrified. Before I can even think about my next move my mum leans over to me and wispers, "Forget what I said, I think you're fucked" at first I laughed as my mum swearing caught me off guard but the laughing didn't last long.
As I got into the room contemplating why only bad things happened to me. The doctor said "just step behind the curtain for me and pop your trousers down hun, I'm just going to check your testicles again" my mum looked back at me and pulled a face to try get me to laugh. I was not laughing. I could taste my own fear. Every single teenage fear ran though my body at once. Did I clean properly? What if it's too small and she laughs at me? What if I instantly cum as soon as she touches it? At this point in my life my penis had been touched by only one other. And that was a crazy bloke with testicle beads.
As she appeared round the curtain and took a knee. I proceed to have the strongest erection of my life. I panic (I know unlike me right) I try to hook it with my top so it's out of her way so this whole thing can be done with sooner. She ,obviously, as a professional doesn't even mention it or blink an eye. She then finishes and so very nearly did I. I pull my trousers back up. She takes my blood pressure and I'm out of there. Home safe. Never to speak of it. Ever.
The final Act
The following year I'm set for my last check up ever. This year had been a good year for little old me as puberty had come finally and hit me like a truck. A small truck but it was enough for me. I was confident. Ready. Hoping it was going to be the same doctor as before.(Teenage boy brain) I take my seat. Few minutes later get called in, it's her again. I'm almost excited in a backwards way to prove myself better this time. I get into the room, she says just pop behind the curtain and I'll be with you. Get behind the curtains, drop my pants to my ankles. As she walks round the curtains she utters the most devastating sentence of my life..
"Oh, I only wanted to check your blood pressure hun"
FUUUUUCKKKKK MMEEEEE. I can tell you what my blood pressure is. It's fucking zero because I've just instantly died on the spot. My whole world collapsed. Waiting for the floor to swallow me whole I pulled me trousers up from the floor and she took my blood pressure. Every single thread of confidence I had mustered in my life to that point vanished in an instant.
A lesson learned. Never get your dick out for someone if they haven't asked for it. And more importantly. Don't be me.
TL DR I misunderstood the the doctors request got my dick out infront of her even though she only wanted to check my blood pressure.
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2021.10.23 01:05 Deathbrush Anyone got a half-decent Reno Paladin decklist?

I just want to hang out in casual and play my favorite class.
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2021.10.23 01:05 beckdeck Okay last one with my new $4 hat. I love it,

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2021.10.23 01:05 jungvely Hindi po ba talaga nag rereply ang DOST every weekends?

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2021.10.23 01:05 PkrMagic Just joined here just trying to gather some thoughts. Im currently 30 years of age and have 2 years left on my active duty military contract (E-6) and pursuing a bachelors in business administration with a concentration on economics.

I'm honestly terrified of making the jump to get out the military with a family and going to the unknown not knowing if I will be succesful or it will be hard to find a career and kind of clieless at what job opportunities will be available to me. Any info will be appreciated or opinions.
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2021.10.23 01:05 WJROK Try to Delete Library, Computer Crashes

I'm trying to delete a fxp library. Whenever I empty the trash, I get the spinning beach ball and the computer crashes.
I've tried to delete it by Terminal>sudo rm -R, but no luck.
Why would my computer be crashing whenever I try to delete a library? How can I delete it?
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2021.10.23 01:05 ForgottenRice +999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 social credit.

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