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2021.10.24 16:36 AdminsCantDoTheirJob Reddit Admins

I was literally 3 day banned on another account a few months ago for saying "nigga". If the admins knew anything, they would know that I'm Black and I can say the word whenever I want. If they actually looked into things before they did them, they would see I'm even a verified member in BlackPeopleTwitter and was in the country club.. you can't do that unless you're Black. The amount of people on here that constantly say "nigga", half the people aren't even Black or they sadly it in a racial, passive aggressive way, and the admins do absolutely nothing. But when someone Black actually says it, they are magically banned.
Put an appeal in right away and it took them 3 days to even view it; literally a few minutes after my 3 days were done. And what did they say? They seen nothing was wrong with the ban. How incompetent is that?
Then I'm banned a week ago. At first it said for 3 days then magically changed to permeately. Can't tell me anything, can't communicate anything, just a message saying "multiple account suspensions", which is complete bullshit because I shouldn't have even gotten banned the first time when I didn't use my own word in any racial way. It's hilarious how I'm the one singled out over everyone.
I've tried multiple, multiple times to send an appeal message through the form and even contacted them via email multiple, multiple times explaining my situation, and nobody is EVER competent, respectful, responsible or even professional enough to say anything and actually communicate; they just keep sending the same bullshit "notification" message that I'm banned for multiple policy suspension which is bullshit, and at that I wouldn't even call 2 "multiple".
So you're a large, public company and you can't even help the very members and consumers that are making your platform and jobs possible? You can't even communicate with someone that's wrongfully banned? You can't even communicate with someone after multiple messages? You can't even explain WHY someone is banned, yet it's just magically okay? If you can't PROVE or SAY anything then someone SHOULDN'T be banned! Do your job! Part of your job is to communicate with your MEMBERS and help with things they need help with; yet you can't even do that. Half the time your mods can't even get help from you. This is NOT okay.
It's funny how everyone could come together because reddit hired some random political figure with pedophilia connections but nobody can ever come together to get rid of these abusive admins and mods, let alone the incompetent and uncaring ones. Nobody could ever come together to protest the obvious issues we have with censorship, people being wrongfully banned all the time, the lack of responsibility and respect these admins and mods show, the lengths an admin or mod would go to hate you, shut you down every chance they get, but are unable to actually communicate and help when someone is wrongfully banned. It's just funny we put so much energy and effort over one admin being hired but we pay no attention to the other issues that need to be talked about and changed. Everything else is just great huh?
Now watch this account be banned for "ban evading" when I SHOULDN'T HAVE HAD TO DO THIS ANYWAY! I wouldn't HAVE to do this if I wasn't wrongfully banned and then ignored when trying to figure out what I even did to begin with. They are on point and fast af to ban someone for this but they are nooowhere to be seen when they wrongfully do it or when someone needs HELP. How typical and sad is that?
Why would ANYONE just lay down and accept bullshit when it's done to them? Why would anyone just shut up and accept a ban that can't even be explained or proven? Why should I just shut up and fall in line with the bullshit? I'm not that kind of person. I need to know what's going on and try to change things for the better because this is not right and this can not keep happening to users. I have over 400k karma and they really have the audacity to just up and ban me for no proven or known reason and aren't even respectful enough to tell someone that's been a great contributer to your platform? They obviously really don't care and they honestly don't even deserve my traffic or my contributions anymore but I genuinely like Reddit and a lot of communities so I'm trying to make things better but they can't even do that.
How can I escalate this issue because I can't just sit around and allow this to happen and allow it to keep happening to other people. You are a professional company, you are a world-known company and you are just as fucked up as Facebook as a corporation. You should not be treating your members like this. You shouldn't be treating humans like this in general. There has to be some way to communicate and connect with admins directly because I know there's more than just one admin calling shots and I know there's admins that actually care about issues and the members, my requests are just shut down before they can get to them.
There has to be some kind of alternative way to communicate with Reddit, Reddit's board, etc.
Tl;dr - Admins banned me months ago for saying "nigga" when I'm proven black, wouldn't do anything to help. Then they banned me a week ago for multiple policy suspensions, when that isn't true. I shouldn't have gotten banned the first time, 2 is hardly "multiple" and they can't even actually tell me WHAT I did to get banned; just keep sending the same "notification" bullshit that I'm permanently banned for policy after each of the multiple, multiple times I've tried to reach out, which doesn't actually help explain or tell me anything. They aren't even able to communicate or tell me why. How can I escalate this and actually talk to someone that could help and bring this to view as this is how their admins are treating their own members?
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2021.10.24 16:36 blehsd Solution to paik?

So clearly paik has receive a lot of criticism for how “over-powered” her scanner will be. From the trailer, it looks like it is similar to Bloodhound’s scan from Apex.
One way I was thinking it could be balanced was that it could be a “binocular” gadget instead. Take out the binoculars, use it to scan and highlight enemies within the view of the binoculars, and then put the binoculars away. Obviously you cannot use your weapons while the scanner is out. Once people are scanned, they show up on the minimap and are highlighted for a second. The highlight then disappears but you have an idea where the enemies are at.
This change would make it more of a recon/scouting ability rather than an instant wallhack ability.
What are your thoughts? Obviously we haven’t played as that specialist yet, but it is a major concern many people have talked about - especially Battlefield content creators like Jackfrags.
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2021.10.24 16:36 BlackSlutAsh Hey guys :) I’m new to the whole crypto wave. I set up a vault so anybody care to tell me how it works or maybe message me for some advice? Thanks in advance 😜

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2021.10.24 16:36 fake_dani_supercell i saw a lot of negative reactions on the sub but i haven't seen any neg at the moment does this mean that it is a good change or did every one forgot about it

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2021.10.24 16:36 cristiandec Racismo em Kardec?

Vi que levantaram esse tema em outro post, irei deixar aqui algumas fontes para estudo.!%20(Paulo%20Neto).pdf.pdf)
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2021.10.24 16:36 finn_shrug Layer shifting and weird texture. (More info in comments)

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2021.10.24 16:36 Watcher427 Femboy bf or Tomboy gf?

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2021.10.24 16:36 Tintedr Leftover bondage tape

Does anyone have any tips for what to do with left over smaller pieces of bondage tape? I can string them together to form a long piece but I was wondering if anyone has any clever ideas
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2021.10.24 16:36 BakerArkady Regifting autumn evolution 🍁 and a breeding pair for strawberries 🍓

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2021.10.24 16:36 SeaworthinessWeary68 I watched the entire Naruto series with my elder brother and it ended up changing our lives and strengthening our bond. Since it's his bday today, here's a compilation of all the Big brothers in the series

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2021.10.24 16:36 Caitlynnbbxx Drop restrictions may apply?

I work regular Monday-Thursday 1:20am-11:50am and checking my schedule tomorrow morning it says Drop Restrictions May apply even though it’s my normal shift. It doesn’t and hasn’t said that for any other shifts. Does anyone know if I’m supposed to go in? It’s a normal shift, but I did NOT take VTO, PTO or vacation.
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2021.10.24 16:36 miacito 05 TSX sitting at -12 camber all around😆 #static

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2021.10.24 16:36 DeMappaussant I am cool with the tweet, not worried anymore. It’s good we are losing weak hands, we’re rising and holding the high grounds.

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2021.10.24 16:36 Miel2 deer

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2021.10.24 16:36 CassidyRey P2U Halloween Sanrio emotes $25CAD total for all 3 sizes include for badges & emotes! 🎃

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2021.10.24 16:36 Idontcare09385 Is reddit racist?

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2021.10.24 16:36 lottpott What's the deal with large rugs that have to go underneath furniture?

I'm almost scared to ask this because I feel like I'm missing out on some unspoken rule but I'm always seeing people telling others they need a bigger rug when the existing rug looks suitably sized to a room to me. I don't know if it's an American thing to have big rugs, or an English thing to have smaller ones central to the room (or if it's just me) but I've noticed that many people here like big rugs that go underneath the sofa, rather than being central/symmetrical to the room and I just.. I just don't get it.
Like rugs that go underneath the sofa so there's no gap on one side but a big gap on the other side, making it uneven in relation to the room. I've never really come across this before this sub, I've only really seen them being symmetrical in the room as far as I can recall.
For example a room with a fireplace with a sofa opposite will have a rug under the sofa with a big gap between rug and fireplace. Whereas I'd naturally put the rug central with equal gap between sofa & rug and fireplace & rug.. Help me understand the thought process behind this?
Please note this is absolutely not a criticism just something I've noticed consistently and don't really understand, I'm obviously missing something but can't figure out what ha. I just want to understand why the preferences leans this way.
Hopefully you guys understand what I mean, it's been tickling my mind for a little while now!
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2021.10.24 16:36 stevester90 Q&A With Mayoral Candidate Charlie Sisitsky

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