Seeing the star is anxiously elating haha. One of my favourite characters that best describes my personality…but in Gold and his friend too lol

2021.10.24 16:10 warrenpounder Seeing the star is anxiously elating haha. One of my favourite characters that best describes my personality…but in Gold and his friend too lol

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2021.10.24 16:10 slaacaa When Tomb Raider no make pp hard 😡

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2021.10.24 16:10 crypto_crypt_keeper All influencers on here need to tweet about shib and also a fuck you musk

WE are the peoples coin.
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2021.10.24 16:10 roastedandall Trouble with acceptance/living with shame

I appreciated the kind words the community gave me the first time I posted.
Lately I've been feeling a lot of embarrassment and frustration about my bedwetting. I'm tired of the plastic sheets, leaks, and most of all the diapers. I wish I never had to wear them again.
I've been wetting my whole life and it's just so humiliating. I genuinely can't understand how people are able to hold their pee while they sleep. I just can't do it.
I've accepted that my wetting isn't going to stop and I know that diapers are the best (only) way to manage it. But I'm having trouble taking reducing the humiliation I feel about being stuck in diapers.
I'm thankful to know I'm not alone atleast.
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2021.10.24 16:10 HamishWarne Incredible miss of Mahir Emreli (Legia Warsaw) against Piast Gliwice

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2021.10.24 16:10 ryank0991 Salary Negotiation

I work in precast industry as a structural/plant engineer. With the current company for 4 years. Company has an immediate opening in Florida titled as Regional engineer and bossman offered 82k as a base salary. I was expecting least 90-95k
Current salary 75k.
I want to present some data on salary and negotiate to 95k… I will appreciate any leads you can provide.
Im thinking present ASCE data as a source, ASCE pulls that data from Labor statistics. Its paid service.
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2021.10.24 16:10 Wanderingh0st Please I need hep finding this meme

Its a caricature of an emo guy, with swoopy black hair frowning. it has a blue background, and little texts will over saying stuff like “Wow this band really went downhill” and “ their first albums were way better” and shit like that.
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2021.10.24 16:10 Majestic_Painter8660 Chaeyoung

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2021.10.24 16:10 rawgu_ Spooky cupcakes for work 🎃💀

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2021.10.24 16:10 DankVectorz Small spider on Long Island, NY. Green with almost chrome and yellow “pod” on its back

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2021.10.24 16:10 bLaCroSe77 Is My GF cheating on me , or has she moved on ?

Me and my gf is in a relationship for 6 months.We are in a distant relationship , distant means she's from an another country , haven't met in real life . We texts and video calls daily . Now she doesn't text me nor answer my calls ... It's like I'm taking all the initiatives . If I send a bunch of texts she'll reply in a sentence ... She explained that she has PCO , and it's taking a toll on her . And hence she isn't texting nor calling me .
When I asked her is she seeing anyone , she says NO . And tells she loves me so much .
Does PCO effect so much into not answering calls or texts ?
Can anyone help me ?
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2021.10.24 16:10 NevrGonaGivYouUp Head pats for all :)

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2021.10.24 16:10 wagraham Do I have to give a duplicate copy of my N9 to the LTB?

I plan to give my 60 days notice to my landlord tomorrow. Do I also have to send the N9 to the LTB? I will make a personal copy for my records.
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2021.10.24 16:10 CamelCitySlacker Work pants: a debate

Been having this debate with a fellow apprentice about light vs dark colored work pants
View Poll
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2021.10.24 16:10 SirBaconFace Patiently waited for two hours and eventually got a shot of this red-cockaded woodpecker, it was worth it!

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2021.10.24 16:10 nathans122 Not sure if or what Cessna

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2021.10.24 16:10 Clutchxedo Well

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2021.10.24 16:10 SoulStarling2002 Skeng Dread #GMG - Devilish Guys (Music Video) | Pressplay

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2021.10.24 16:10 Wyatt_Iverson Day one of trying to get Ryan to see my meme.

Day one of trying to get Ryan to see my meme.
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2021.10.24 16:10 Zoorah Why did 18+ century swords started using brass for the handle and cross guard

Was it pure aesthetics or was there a practical reason for switching from steel to brass?
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2021.10.24 16:10 robgoboomboom Am lonely need girlfriend

Hi, love me😭
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2021.10.24 16:10 00trancedance00 Fuck you people

You actually reported my post for venting. That's what the community is for. You got my account suspended. But I have 8 accounts so fuck you ignorant shit wipes.
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2021.10.24 16:10 bryxy Spoooooooooooky X-Men [artists credited in image]

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2021.10.24 16:10 MusicalScience I don't want new content or weapons or dungeons

At least, not until they fix the surprisingly substantial bugs in the game. I noticed a few posts and articles urging for the next new content but before that there are a lot of issues that need fixing. The pvp system is fantastic but it is filled to the brim with bugs. The whole light/med/heavy armor stats being off, certain bugs preventing 300 str from doing more damage, 60% of the skill perks not working on armor pieces, glitchy combat with casting, inability to cast accurately through elevated terrain, being unable to turn off auto target for melee weapons,, lag and de sync in war as well as small scale pvp (anything more than 5 people and subtle desync issues). These are NOT minor issues. This game has a fantastic base for PvP and these are major issues that interfere with this aspect of the game. I just love the pvp system and hope they can make these fixes ASAP.
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2021.10.24 16:10 tasselting What’s your SNSD Visual Ranking and Vocal ranking?

Here’s mine:) Visual: 1.Jessica 2.Taeyeon 3.Yoona 4.Seohyun 5.Tiffany 6.Yuri 7.Sooyoung 8.Sunny 9.Hyoyeon Vocal: 1.Taeyeon 2.Jessica 3.Seohyun, 4.Tiffany, 5.Yuri, 6.Yoona, 7.Sooyoung 8.Sunny 9.Hyoyeon
Even if your biases are ranked lower, I absolutely think that most of SNSD could have been a visual or main vocal in other groups
(By ranking I mean personal preference not beauty standards or vocal ability)
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