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hey i really need feedback on this song. i shared it with my friends and got lukewarm reactions

Can’t really be mad. I’ve never had an opinion one way or the other on Sora in Smash. But, I don’t think you need to be a fan of him to see that this was a very fitting/good ending for Smash. I still can’t get over how perfect the final shot of the trailer is. The shot, along with the music, just brings a great sense of finality to it all. Chapter Text. The only good thing about having endured this many weeks of American Talent auditions is that by now, there are fewer acts that make Deborah actively want to claw her eyes out. Sure, there are still the stray wishes for an earthquake or a freak tornado to come and kill them all, but it’s a vast improvement from those early open casting calls across the country. Chapter Text * The sun. It's so nice, the weather today is breathtaking. First thing you noticed, as you stand lined up.Somehow, it's always the first thing you take notice of. Eyes directly upwards or settled on the horizon. You watch as pheasants fly over head, a large group of them all in the formation of a V, you hear them calling to each other in loud caws. Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. I got out, became a holiday rep, and oh boy if I wasn’t the best banger who ever walked, I mean really I was putting it round like a maestro, helped me to get over things, so I thought “Hey I’m still cool right, guess I got it back, don’t need this job, I’ll just go home and pull the same stuff” BARN by Neil Young & Crazy Horse. Here's what the inestimably humble Dan commented as first impressions of "Song Of The Seasons":. This new song has all the familiar elements Neil has used before (with the exception of the accordion which is the driving force here) and like a lot of his songs, this one required a few listens (for me anyway) before it started to really sink in. The Food Network friends looked so happy at the New York wedding ceremony. ... 'I need to be with them' ... love and what she really feels about middle-age life. "Heartless" is a song by American record producer and vocalist Kanye West from his fourth studio album, 808s & Heartbreak (2008). The song was produced by West, while co-produced by No I.D. It was passed on to West during recording sessions, after originally being intended for inclusion on Jay-Z's eleventh studio album, The Blueprint 3 (2009). Following the song's debut at the 2008 Democratic ... If you or someone you know is considering suicide, know that resources are available. Text: 741741, call 1-800-273-TALK (8255), or visit www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org.. A couple of months ago, the New York Times ran a fascinating article called “Googling for God.” In this piece, author Seth Stephens-Davidowitz explores recent trends in Google search data specifically related to ... Cassadee's Coming of Age: 10 Part Series: Cassadee's Coming of Age Pt. 01 (4.65): 18-year-old girl prepares for coming of age celebration. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 11/26/20

2021.10.24 15:07 Smurlef hey i really need feedback on this song. i shared it with my friends and got lukewarm reactions

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2021.10.24 15:07 tele_table Taking son to nudist friends pool party?

Single mom here, recently I went to a nudist swingers resort nearby with a friend and made som new friends there and absolutely fell in love with both the lifestyle and nudism! One of my friends invited me to a bbq/pool party at her and her husbands house. The house is semi-rural so everyone will be nude. I have a 12 year old son and he doesn’t know about me going nudist and I’ve been trying to figure out how to tell him and become a nudist family. The hosts of the party want me to bring him, I’m just not sure how to break it to him. There will be other kids his age there, also nude. I really want him to join me in going nudist so I think this would be good for him.
Any ideas on how to bring up this idea? Thanks!
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2021.10.24 15:07 Spiritual-Ranger-900 Coming at 8pm UK time Today by me N3STACKZ via mixcloud

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2021.10.24 15:07 reddit_feed_bot WND: Watch: Antifa crashes pro-life prayer vigil in profanity-laced tirade

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2021.10.24 15:07 Far_Bass_7284 A 2012 classic: the digital community disruption playbook. Get wise.

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2021.10.24 15:07 Elegant-Emergency191 Pulsing Jet Flow CFD simulation with OpenFOAM

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2021.10.24 15:07 jimparker118 Automated in sector trades in v2

Hi all,
I have a factory in a system that has max demand and max price for water so I built a water factory and set up automated in system trades.
It seems to sell 71 units of water every 5 seconds or something..... I cant seem to increase this. I cant use shuttles now. I cant set up a ship to automate the trades.. are factories useless now? or just bugged? is there any way to sell all of what the factories in my sector require ?
Also its VERY annoying constantly getting a notification of "sold 71 Water for 1.917" (presume you cant turn that off!)
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2021.10.24 15:07 Pat49392058 Free Discord

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2021.10.24 15:07 sprocter77 What's biggest tires I can get any not rub.

2019 sv 4wd, 2 - 2.5 inch lift and level, stock wheels. What is the biggest tire I Can get and not rub? Any suggestions, will do see light off roading and, gravel roads, plenty of snow this winter as well. Thanks.
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2021.10.24 15:07 automation_is_fun How to "review" a driver?

Hey all, was wondering if there was a way to let someone know about a driver in a meaningful way.
Just had a guy that couldn't gain access to the building, he tried the call box but it wasn't working so he somehow called my cell and waited for me to come grab the package. (it only took a few min but still).

Thought that was super cool, way better than any one else before. I know some places good reviews help... I didn't get his name sadly.
If it largely doesn't matter, I'll just let him know next time I see him. If it does matter, could someone let me know how to go about doing that?
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2021.10.24 15:07 reddit_feed_bot WND: Kamala Harris illegally colluded with abortionists, lawyers say

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2021.10.24 15:07 margustoo One of the more weirder flags in Estonia. I dislike and like it at the same time..

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2021.10.24 15:07 arootytoottoot Brandi Carlile: Right on Time - SNL - WOW just WOW

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2021.10.24 15:07 Marblue I'm so sick of showboating.

Throughout the years I've met people online, in person, throughout the world.
There are a lot of people on this earth, and people are bound to know people who we see on tv. It's not a big deal.
What I'm tired of is being expected to drop my panties in excitement when someone who's trying to get into them mentions that they know insert famous person here
What happened to personality and showing you're a good person? Now all these frivolous interactions seem to be on the forefront of people's minds.
Oh Elton john once winked at you at a concert? Oh you used to be a tv producer and met some B list celebrities? Oh you moved to America and success landed in your lap and now you're telling all these stories about "the greats".
But that's all you do is talk.
I don't want someone who's going to constantly be talking about how they were in the same hotel as a famous person. Feeling like that elevated and validated them....
I don't care. I just don't care. I don't want to date you/talk to you if that's the only thing you have to bring to the table.
I don't care if you met brad pitt at a party. What is that doing for you now? You're hanging on the coattails of clout.
I think "that don't impress me much" might need to be my new motto.
Is it so hard to theorize that maybe compassion, empathy, love and understanding are true values to seek? Mutual admiration, love and support is what I want. Not stories about the past you hang your hat on and have told at your family reunion so many times they already know.
Thanks for reading my rant. I can't be the only one who feels like this. It's not just people that have tried to date me but just the ridiculous things family have said with a puffed out chest about how important they are now that they met someone the country knows.
Don't get me wrong it's cool to have stories but don't rely on celebrity encounters to blow my skirt up. I've been disillusioned.
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2021.10.24 15:07 april_cox Survey for Muslims

Hi all
I have created a survey for muslims to answer, can you help me spread it around? I'm struggling as many Islamic subreddits remove it or it get's downvoted into oblivion. Also, non-muslims please don't answer, I don't want to ruin the results.
Here is the link: https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/KJM2I4/
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2021.10.24 15:07 centralvalleysugar Sticks and logs in and around Modesto?

I’m looking to get some sticks or logs for the bioactive tank I’m building. Any suggestions of where I could find some around town or surrounding areas? Any recommended river areas or is there a wood dump place?
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2021.10.24 15:07 rienquelaverite What country national dish taste the worst?

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2021.10.24 15:07 SecondACNHaccount [LF] 14 red and 13 orange pansies [FT] name your price

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2021.10.24 15:07 jayjaybird518 Can’t fire guns? (Xbox)

Yesterday the game was working fine, but about halfway through the day I stopped being able to fire any guns. I have ammo for all of them, and I can use melees, but I cannot use guns. Any help?
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2021.10.24 15:07 BushBoy408 This isn't low effort

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2021.10.24 15:07 callmehester Book like Midnight Mass?

I know it's fairly similar to Salem's Lot, but I'm not necessarily looking for a similar story, more of a similar feel. I like slow burn horrodisturbing. Some of my favorites have been It, The Stand, Haunting of Hill House, anything cosmic horror, Lord of the Flies.
I know those aren't all horror per se, but that's the kind story telling I enjoy if that helps?
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2021.10.24 15:07 Round-Zombie8309 The x is Point Nemo, the spot farthest away from any land in the world. You are closer to astronauts aboard the ISS(approx 400km) than humanity(approx 2700km away).

The x is Point Nemo, the spot farthest away from any land in the world. You are closer to astronauts aboard the ISS(approx 400km) than humanity(approx 2700km away). submitted by Round-Zombie8309 to Damnthatsinteresting [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 15:07 WolfeInALabCoat UPDATE: It's been 2 weeks, mom

Okay, mom. It's been 2 weeks since I told you and dad about my marriage with my husband. I know you told me that you don't support this "choice," but I'm still holding out. I have been having nightmares at night about losing you and dad. I can't handle this. I need you to understand that being gay isn't a choice and that I am still your son who loves you to the ends of the earth.
You told me I'm not welcome home for Christmas - and that's okay. But not being welcomed home forever? I don't know what to do, mom. I don't know how to choose between the love of my life and my parents. This is all just too much.
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2021.10.24 15:07 SchizoidSquirrel Corals dying for unknown reasons

I've been struggling with keeping my tank happy for several months now. I first noticed that my nutrients had bottomed out when my montipora digitata and capricornus began losing polyp extension, color, and tissue. Everything else looked ok, but wasn't really growing. Sure enough I tested and both nitrates and phosphates were undetectable and my alk was abnormally high at over 12 dkh(probably due to accidentally overdosing all for reef). I stopped dosing the all for reef and began overfeeding the tank like crazy. Things started looking much better and like they were on the road to recovery within a week even though nitrates were still testing as undetectable. After about a month of doing this things were looking pretty good, but I was getting an insane amount of bristleworms do to the excess food. I figured I would start just dosing nitrate and cutting down a bit on feeding. After about another month and a half I'm noticing that my montipora, birdsnest, and acans are all losing color and tissue.
My current parameters are 78.6F, 1.026SG, 7.9pH, 0 Ammonia and nitrite, 9.2dkh Alk, 470 Cal, 1320 Mag, 20 Nitrate, and .03 Phos. My alk dropped from 12 to 9 over about 3 months, nothing has changed with my lighting, but I have been battling what I suspect are dinoflagellates on the sand from my previously low nutrients.
I'm just at a loss as to why some of my corals are deteriorating even though it seems like my water chemistry is improving. Am I missing something?
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2021.10.24 15:07 Jotaro-was-best-jojo "Will you marry me?'

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