2021.10.24 15:45 ShakedIsNotAFruit חמאס_במציאות

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2021.10.24 15:45 JCambria23 DMV and Dealership are blaming one another for me not having my title, plates, and registration. What should I do next?

I bought a new car from a Kia dealership in CO and had it shipped to me in CA around the end of June. It took the dealer 2 months to send the documents to my local DMV (end of August) and which point my temporary license plates had expired. It’s now near the end of October, and I still don’t have the title, license plates, or registration paperwork.
I called the DMV and they said they never received the documents, and when I provided the tracking number, they reached out to my local office who then said they never received it/couldn’t find it. I asked if the dealership could send the documents to me and I could go into a local branch to process them and was told that’s not possible.
The DMV is saying the dealership needs to resend the paperwork to my local branch, and the dealership is saying they won’t resend it because they already sent it and confirmed receipt via tracking.
At this point, do I just continue to pressure the dealership to resend the paperwork, or is the another party I can get involved to help?
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2021.10.24 15:45 Clean-Entrance-525 So this person asked for a close up of my lotl to see the skin and slime coat so here one is.

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2021.10.24 15:45 joeycrowley23 Full body splits

I’ve been using a full body split for a little while now and love it. It allows me to hit every muscle and not overdo it which I have a tendency to do. I like hitting the big 4 lifts 2 times a week and sometimes 3 for bench. Anyone have a good program or routine to do this smartly as a 4-5 day split
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2021.10.24 15:45 Reddrommed [USA-FL][H] PayPal [W] GTX 970 or similar

Looking for a 970 or similar in the $150 range for my sister, her 760 died last night.
Comment before Pm'ing
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2021.10.24 15:45 Familiar-Corgi-6679 Fed up with spoiled roommate

I’ve got two roommates, who I’m very grateful to for offering me an arrangement with them because it got me out of my very toxic family household. However, one of them is making me go a little nuts with how inept she is with housekeeping.
The major issue is with dishes. Not that she doesn’t do them, but that she DOES do them; horribly. She loads the dishwasher in such a way every single time that nothing is ever actually cleaned by it and we have to wash the same dishes multiple times every day. Tall things that stop spinners, huge things that block water, things arranged so that they’re sharp hazards when it’s time to unload, things absolutely covered in food that fall into the drain and clog it, etc. Even worse, if WE (the other roommate and I) aren’t the ones to catch the end of the cleaning cycle, she will actually unload the filthy dishes and put them away covered in food and grime and brown mushy water.
We used to give reminders at the start: “Please wash the baking sheets and pots by hand,” “Please don’t load things the tall way,” “Please put the knives in blade-down,” and she’ll acknowledge and agree but the next time we find the dishwasher run by her, nothing’s changed. Infuriating.
Now, I would love to tell this woman, “Hey, you stink at this, just let Other and I do the kitchen cleaning please,” but for some reason she actually really takes pride in her cleaning?? She places a lot of value in herself as the “Mom Friend” and boasts about how much she loves to clean and how she does most of the housekeeping (because she makes sure she gets to it first) so I really don’t wanna be the asshole who’s like “Actually, that thing you really enjoy, you’re awful at and I hate it.”
The dishes are just the worst part. There’s also bad sweeping jobs, dumping her stuff all over the ground in walkways that we trip over, food left out overnight, popcorn kernels clogging the sink without the garbage disposal after every movie night…but the dishes are the worst. Most of our utility bill probably comes from how many times we have to wash the same damn dishes over and over again.
We know why she doesn’t know how to do anything at all: rich parents, only child. She never did anything on her own before moving here, and that’d be fine if she’d just do what we told her to do to be properly self-sufficient. The bill isn’t a problem for her, though. She gets a huge allowance every month. It pains me that this is such an issue because she’s so sweet except for this. I just don’t see a very delicate way to approach it again.
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2021.10.24 15:45 DaedalusTer Involuntary movements and hyperextension

Has anyone ever experienced involuntary movements or twitches? If I experience it while sitting, my leg randomly kicks. If I am standing my knee bends and sometimes gives way. With my hands, they twitch, sometimes causing me to drop anything I may be holding. It is worse when I am stressed/in a flare, but also just happens on the regular. It doesn't hurt, but it can be annoying.
Additionally, when I find myself in a flare, I experience hyperextension. I go to grab something and my arm goes farther than I intend. I've punched my husband by accident a few times 😆...gotta find humor in this somehow! I also find I occasionally lift my legs higher than I intend while walking up stairs. It sometimes causes me to trip. This also doesn't hurt.
This all started about 3 years ago, and was accompanied by electric shocks down my thighs and arms. Not simultaneously, but different parts of the day. The kind of electric shock that takes your breath away, making it impossible to walk. Now those...hurt like a sob.
Has anyone else experienced this?
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2021.10.24 15:45 jguilford80 [Release] RetroFlow-Launcher Version 2.0 (No Bubbles for PS1 and PSP)

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2021.10.24 15:45 OutlandishnessMean97 Anya Taylor-Joy

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2021.10.24 15:45 Key-Document6860 Bob mod lore: 🌝haha funny joke

Bob fandom lore: 🌚 Bob is 5 incident and the Bob x opheebop incident
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2021.10.24 15:45 t2clej ZeroTier version 1.6.6 - self hosted

I previously setup self hosted ZeroTier network controller. Currently using ZeroTier version 1.6.6 installed on Ubuntu.
Does anyone have experience on how to update after install? Thanks.
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2021.10.24 15:45 fluffy-fat-duck Legit?

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2021.10.24 15:45 ApArAmY Halloween special - The Hunt [Original Music]

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2021.10.24 15:45 BuildingPrestigious6 Skor/Kläder

Tjena, jag ska upp till stockholm om någon vecka och letar klädaffäreskoraffärer med Jordans, low dunks osv. Tacksam för tips!
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2021.10.24 15:45 ryano357 some work for a local theater

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2021.10.24 15:45 RaiiDzz 211024 | Sury's Full Instagram Livestream

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2021.10.24 15:45 Johnybegood82 Only a parent could love a face like that!!!! My little man Kreature

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2021.10.24 15:45 Downtown_Solid_1839 The Leonites - Medizin nach Noten [Surf Instrumental] 2021

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2021.10.24 15:45 Ayyyeparlay Deandre Ayton 8 PTS: All Possessions (2021-10-23)

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2021.10.24 15:45 dinsum27 Newbie wheel builder, spoke length

I am exciting to be building up my first set of wheels, I pretty much got everything figured out and I attached an image showing the recommended spoke lengths from the DT SWISS spoke length calculator
Calculator wants me to get 266mm 267mm and 265mm spoke lengths, pretty sure I should just be getting a single spoke length to build up the wheels but what length would you all recommend? I am going to be using sapim secure lock aluminum nipples probably in 14mm length and cx-ray spokes
Also does anybody here have any good tips on measurement the spoke hole offset on a straight pull hub? I did the best I could but I am sure they are not accurate, but they should be more accurate then just leaving those numbers at 0
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2021.10.24 15:45 r4f4ela Move to desired city/country subliminal

hi! does anyone know any subliminal to move? it would be even better if its one that gave you results
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2021.10.24 15:45 topst 1BI em dois dias!! A galera tá atrás do BTC

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2021.10.24 15:45 lilnoodle10 Awesome fan art by ig: Giuseppereginart https://www.instagram.com/p/CU-Bih_MwIi/?utm_medium=copy_link

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2021.10.24 15:45 Mew_aka_Trupon i finished the trio of samus' ships here are the ones from Metroid 2/3 and 4/5

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2021.10.24 15:45 l_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_l (+1527) Latest Gallup poll shows a record high of 50% of Americans in favor of legalizing marijuana use

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