Angela Rayner calling Tory ministers scum reflects a problem for the left

2021.09.27 09:53 bennzo1238 Angela Rayner calling Tory ministers scum reflects a problem for the left

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2021.09.27 09:53 MLP-Zombie101 I made this oc cause it's by me, but sorry if my account get suspended

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2021.09.27 09:53 theogopogolakemonste Overstimulated brain at night. Need help

For some reason before bed my brain can start running and I’ve had issues sledding recently from an over active mind. I’m not on any medications, I exercise in the morning, make my room freezing cold and I take a set of sleep supplements I will leave in the comment section below. Are there any tricks people have tried to shut up their mind?
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2021.09.27 09:53 Jccoke42 [Xbox] [h] tw astro csx [w] 1600

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2021.09.27 09:53 LevelKoala Happens To The Best of Us. Diamond Hands Gang Rise Up!

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2021.09.27 09:53 nekororo I have nothing to show for tomorrow’s work meeting

I started a new job 3 weeks ago. These have been really slow weeks because I’m missing some software I really need to work (they are still trying to buy it). I just have done 3 tasks in total in these 3 weeks and I haven’t show my full potential. I have been feeling a bit useless and guilty. I was used to being literally exploited on my last job and this is really contrasting.This is a remote job so I dont have a lot of communication with coworkers. Im in home office.
Last week my boss was not available and I didn’t get new tasks. I should have take advantage of that to create something and propose. Also I completely forgot about a video i had to do (no exact due date…) but they didn’t give me a lot of detail.
Last week I literally did nothing because no one asked me to. I wasn’t feeling my best. I could have done something but i didnt.
Anyway. My worry is that tomorrow I wont know what to say in case my boss asks me what did i do all week. I have no excuse.
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2021.09.27 09:53 TwitFeedBot 🐦 @roweafr: road kill? @FinancialReview

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2021.09.27 09:53 elissass Do you guys think it's possible to create a overhaul mod for She-Ra and the Princess of Power? 🥺

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2021.09.27 09:53 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.27 09:53 doin_a_helth How well do you need to know the dungeons to be a Tank?

I've been considering trying a Tank job, but I absolutely suck at directions. There is no way I will ever remember any kind of route in any dungeon. My only hope in hell is following the other players. Is it as simple as following the mini-map? Or do you actually need to know the dungeon?
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2021.09.27 09:53 omegacluster Verbian - Jaez (post-metal) [2019]

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2021.09.27 09:53 kylec00per Lied to by customer support - Scheduled payment

Typing from my phone so I'll try to keep this short, I had a payment scheduled for the 27th but decided to pay it early on the 24th instead. Luckily I remembered just before bed to check my xfinirt account and noticed that the payment was still scheduled, and it would not let me cancel it or remove my card from being saved. I have auto pay on other bills going out today so I needed this canceled so I didn't get double charged, so I went through the support chat.
The first agent I got told me he didn't even see a scheduled payment and all should be fine, it must be a glitch on my end. This was before I tried removing my card so I figured maybe he was correct. So after I end that chat, I go to remove my card and it won't let me as it's linked to a scheduled payment. I decided to get back onto the chat to double check and the women I talk to next says she sees the payment and can cancel it for me, and also remove my card for me. She says she's completed both of these for me and I will not be charged on the 27th. I thank her and exit to still see my card and the payment scheduled. I knew something was up right then, so I tried everything I could and the only thing I could do was change my card expiration date that was saved. This alone was the only thing that stopped me from being charged It's 3am here and I had a bad feeling about it to the point I was about to drive to the bank to withdraw my money, but remembered I could store my money on cashapp so I withdrew all my money out. What do you know, not even 15 minutes goes by and I get an email from my bank, Comcast tried charging the payment but it wouldn't go through with the wrong expiration date...
I guarantee they wanted to charge now and make me fight to get my money back that I needed to pay other bills. This is completely wrong and just shady behavior by such a big company. I wish there was a way to report the tech support that lied straight to me, but I know that will never happen so this is all I can do to try and warn others of this same issue.
Edit: Here's proof, check the times of the screenshots for the xfinity chat, and the time of the email being sent.
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2021.09.27 09:53 Snitchin4Funzies EBT Baby Greg confirms that Wooski/Cash were definitely involved with backdooring Duck and CGR....which also makes sense with the theory Melly/Wooski did CGR hit as Melly was close with them

He doesn't say their names but this is undeniable proof of who he referring to....
at 6:20 of this video greg says about Ducks death 'peoples best friends knockin them off...ding ding ding the price is right'
now if you go watch the video below of a previous live with Wooski and Cash right after Ducks death a guy points to Wooski and says 'Ding Ding Ding the price is right'
baby greg had to be for sure referring to this when he made that comment
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2021.09.27 09:53 BK4Z To feed a snake

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2021.09.27 09:53 uaskmebefore 东北多地灭灯 官方承认电网面临崩溃 无法生活 内乱要起

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2021.09.27 09:53 Chaz_Nielsen_Music Stop insulting people who want to exercise their freedoms:

So sick of this nonsense. I am Afrikaans. I am a Christian fathehusband and have never been told its the mark of the beast or some bs like that, in fact both my pastors have been vaxed. People who “church” aren’t all following some blind faith and being told what to do. Its not a sin to get vaxed, neither is it a sin not to get vaxed. My faith is very rational and in fact the bible instructs us to examine our faith and use our brains and I believe government and church should not mix. Just like they should stay the hell out of telling churches not to meet or cap our numbers but still allow people to go to sports events and malls. Its a joke man! This government forces all this junk on us, but with some of it I actually agree. I don’t mind lockdown actually. Got to spend a lot of time with my family and work life was way less stressful. Plus I say put a permanent cap on Alcohol and keep curfews, because there have been way less deaths on the road and hospitals trauma units more able to assist non-alcohol related trauma patients. What about the millions of babies that get murdered in the womb every year because of “choice”… I understand that its been hard on a lot of people and small businesses, and I truly feel for them and pray for them, but this country needed that first solid lockdown in my opinion and personally it was good for me, because it got me sober and made me appreciate my family and friends more.
I hate being called an “Anti-Vaxxer” because I am not against vaccines, I am just against it being forced on people or being ostracized for not taking it. It should be my right to decide, and make no difference to you who has been vaxed- I mean what are you worried about if you have been vaxed and still wearing masks and still social distancing? What does it matter?! You do your thing as you are free to do, and I for one have a good immune system, and in the last two years I have not even had a cold/flu or so much as a sniffles, neither have I contracted Covid, so in fact if you are looking for this “herd immunity” myth, you need people like me with all the good cells.
I am not saying do or don’t get vaxed, it makes no difference to me. I am saying don’t let anyone force you to do it, because if you allow them to, what’s the next thing they will force on you?….
Stop calling your fellow countrymen and human beings “Anti-Vaxers” etc. It isn’t helping the cause and you are not gaining traction by making perfectly healthy (Christian) people like me out to look like fools or insulting us.
You call us sheep, but YOU are the sheep! There’s a reason our country is reluctant as a whole regarding this, and its not due to a lack of education or poverty etc. Maybe people here actually have brains, therefore we are not blindly following the faith of science you put tour trust in like most Americans.
I’m not a “conspiracy theorist” or anti vaxxer or as a Christian I am sometimes called a “science-denier” Stop using those derogatory terms to describe human beings who are trying to keep their eyes open and inform themselves. A theory is only a theory when there’s NO EVIDENCE to support it! Newsflash: Darwin’s THEORY of evolution is just that! So if you believe in EVILution, you should be all for survival of the fittest and go ahead and place your life in the hands of your false god and science.
As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord and if it means I have to get vaxed to keep my job or support my family, I will consider it, but don’t force your views on people, because that’s how a country turns into North Korea or Zimbabwe faster than you can say “Pfyzer”. God bless you all and may we have more compassion and empathy for our fellow citizens.
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2021.09.27 09:53 sushimaster2019 Fork You.

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2021.09.27 09:53 geveke1524 test

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2021.09.27 09:53 ComprehensiveMirror5 Top Gear, but they have to go to space, and only Bezos can make it happen

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2021.09.27 09:53 Many_Investigator775 I F23 am worried about my sex life with my boyfriend 28M of 2+ years

Hello everyone, I’m really hoping to get some insight / advice on what I’m going through. I have been dating my boyfriend since April 2019, and we really got serious during covid. We’ve adopted two dogs together and have been living together since January of this year. He is my best friend and overall things are good and stable. We have had relationship bumps but have always made efforts to come out stronger. Long story short, I am a very sexual and passionate person in relationships. I’m also very explorative and he is happy with pretty basic stuff which is fine with me! The problem is, since early 2020 we started having sex less and less. He rejected my advances way more and would blame it on the pandemic or work stress, which is understandable. When we did have sex, it was great. I have to admit my confidence has been a bit broken by this. He doesn’t go out of his way to make me feel desirable, he isn’t expressive in that way. I’ve been trying very hard despite what feels like often rejection to keep my spark alive. He always tells me “of course I want to have sex with you, of course I think you’re the most beautiful girl.” But I just feel broken down.. Unfortunately, the other night we had sex and it was the first time that I genuinely didn’t feel attracted to him. He was trying so hard to make me feel good and I just wasn’t into it. After we were done I cried because I felt so bad that he could tell I wasn’t into it. I reassured him that I was in love with him, but felt so sad after. Tonight, I thought I wanted to have sex but when he started touching me I was genuinely not into it and he said “it just sucks that you don’t like sex with me right now” which is strange because this feels like a build up after rejection from him. I began masturbating often so that I wouldn’t want sex from him as much. I’m just confused, I don’t want to sleep with anyone else and i don’t want to break up but I’m not sure if this is the beginning of the end.
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2021.09.27 09:53 pixel4e The math doesnt check out

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2021.09.27 09:53 RissaFaceSammich Can any of the ankle boots be stretched?

I tried on a pair of the Ashes-100 and they fit AMAZINGLY. Which was surprising considering I have wide feet and I'm a size 11. Although, they didn't fit around the ankle all the way. The zipper did go all the way up, but it was so damn tight. I really love the vegan suede style specifically. Thanks in advance!!
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2021.09.27 09:53 Kitedo My players tried to torture and kill Artus

I had my players have a random encounter meeting Artus as he's fleeing from a zombie tyrannosaurus. My party fought it and beat it with ease. Now, they got the quest where the woman is pretending to be his daughter and wants to reward their players with 200 gp to be united with her. The players mention their "daughter" to Artus, leaving him bewildered about what daughter they were talking about. Then one of the players mention that they're here to escort him to her for a 200 gp reward. Artus then ask if they're bounty hunters, to which they replied yes. Now Artus saw these guys fight a zombie T-Rex with ease, so he does not want to mess with them. Artus does get ready to fight. Player B asked Artus why he thinks he has a bounty. Artus, intimidated by these players, decided it was better to fess up the truth and tell him that it was because of his ring. He does not elaborate about the ring even when pressed on about it. Player B wanted to stop the fight and tries to ask the player interacting with Artus on how they wanted to TORTURE him for the info, in front of Artus! I raise my eyebrows and I'm like "yall actually talking in front of the guy on how to torture him?" (I couldn't help it, the whole scenario was jaw dropping and that player talking compromising info in front of an NPC made me drop my jaw even more). So said player then said that he'll pull player A to the side to talk to him out of earshot. I raise my eyebrows. Player C said that he'll keep an eye on Artus.

Well! When the other two were out of earshot, that's when Artus thought it was a great time as any to escape! He used dimension door and tried to run away. Player C also had dimension door and tried to chase after Artus, using hold person to hold him. He succeeds and Artus is incapacitated. Artus breaks free and then tries to run. Player C tries again, hold person failed this time. Artus then used his ring to cast the ring variation to petrify to flesh. It succeeded and the player stopped for one turn. Now player A realized he also had dimension door so he went to try to chase Artus as well. Artus is now just running for his life from these two crazy players. He dashes. The petrified player succeeds in his chase against Artus and continues the chase. Artus then cast wall of ice and I mentioned that he was approaching a jungle to hide in. Player C uses his winged boots to fly over the wall of ice and tries to find him. I told him to use perception with disadvantage (DC 15). He passes.
Player A wants to use fireball to, and I quote BURN THE PLACE DOWN AND HIM WITH IT. I told him that he needs to roll to aim with disadvantage (ice wall gave a translucent appearance). He passed. He wanted to find Artus. I made him roll with disadvantage with a DC 20 (translucent wall + jungle blend). He failed. So he just CASTED A FIREBALL INTO THE HEART OF THE JUNGLE, TURNING EVERYTHING ABLAZE.
I rolled for Artus to hide in stealth. He was looking for a place that was not flammable, so it was with disadvantage. He passed it. Player C was looking for him in the air. He rolled perception with disadvantage. He rolled a 24. He failed. He gave me a puzzled look. I'm like "smoke, fire, trees and he's hiding. The DC is high."
Eventually they gave up looking and just continued their merry way. And that's how they met Artus.

Also, the whole play was pretty sus. I think my players cheated. They are level 9, but I find it weird that both my players had dimension door in their spell slot. I also find my bard having hold person sus when he was doing hexcrawls fighting undead. I can't prove that they were cheating, or can I?
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2021.09.27 09:53 crytoloover Tlc Hudi Pmeer Zee Hct Token Withdrawal | Withdraw Token From Bank Account | Trust Wallet To Paytm

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2021.09.27 09:53 Afridetta Answer in movie style, Who are you ?

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